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Editor’s Letter


Dear Readers,

A very influential and encouraging person in my life once told me this: No matter where life takes you or no matter how far you go, the waves of the ocean will always lead you home. As a high school senior sitting beside some of my closest friends at band camp (conveniently near shore of the beach), it was a key piece of advice I needed to hear before taking the leap of faith in leaving my tiny island home for the next four years.

While I knew the transition from the middle of the Pacific Ocean to the midwest would be difficult, I also knew it would be transformative, and I craved that experience. I just didn’t realize how much it would truly change me. I guess you never really know the value of a single moment until you look back and realize it was just a few words of encouragement, a few seconds of courage, that changed the course of your life, as it did for me.

As I reflected on a theme for this issue, it was difficult to summarize the wide variety of changes we’ve all experienced in just a few short words. But while unpredictable ‘storms’ poured down on us, shook our worlds, and many times, left us feeling hopeless, it was simple acts of kindness and courage that created our longest-lasting ripples of solitude, peace and hope. And I wanted to highlight that.

In “Ripple Effect,” we focused on the impact everyday people have on a community, from various employees working behind-the-scenes to keep our campus clean to the role our pep band and cheerleaders play in creating a spirited atmosphere at sports games.

We also dove deeper into climate change and the effects in can have on the Milwaukee river system, as well as how physical spaces on our campus have shifted and grown over time.

Looking back, those words I heard at band camp several years ago have remained true. The waves of the ocean will always lead you home. But I’ve also found a new meaning in them: Life has a crazy way of leading you where you’re meant to be.

I never imagined that I would be the managing editor of the Marquette Journal, but I am incredibly grateful life has led me here. As my time in this position comes to an end, my only hope is this issue spreads a bit of joy to all of you.

To Mark Zoromski, Aimee Galaszewski and the entire Marquette Wire Staff: Thank you for bringing such constant support, encouragement and positivity into my life. You’ve all had a greater influence on me than you will ever know.

To all: Share a smile, lend a hand and embrace whatever tides come your way. Your actions are going to make a ripple effect of its own someday.


Skyler Chun

Managing Editor of the Marquette Journal

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