Top 5 TV theme songs on air right now

photo via wikipedia

photo via wikipedia

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Television theme songs are an art that has existed since shows were first broadcasted in black and white. Used to introduce a series in a consistent yet amusing method, TV shows have become heavily associated with their orchestrated opening sequences. Moreover, considering how introductory theme songs have become something of a timeworn technique, it is important for shows to feature a song that is memorable without becoming repetitive. Successful theme songs will even be able to embody the tone of the show that they precede. Considering this criteria, here is a list of contemporary TV shows that feature exceptional theme songs.

The Big Bang Theory

A band that specializes in light-hearted rock-rap, the Barenaked Ladies are the group behind the ingenious “Big Bang Theory” opening, titled, “The History of Everything.” The theme song describes the developments of the universe since the beginning of time in a rhythmic and melodious style that is consistent with many of their hit singles, including “One Week.” What is perhaps most impressive about this particular theme is that The Barenaked Ladies were able to captivate audiences with a song about evolution.

Modern Family   

“Modern Family” centers around a stereotypically dysfunctional family subject to outrageous situations and is expertly introduced by a jazz style, swing opening. Composed by Gabriel Mann, the off-beat, chaotic rhythm of the song performed by a crowd of instruments ranging from horns to drums; really seems to symbolize the discord displayed in the show on a weekly basis. Ultimately, the theme does an outstanding job of setting the mood for commotion to ensue.

The Simpsons

 “The Simpsons” theme song is arguably one of the most identifiable theme songs in the history of American television and was created by the renowned American composer, Danny Elfman. Written in 1989, “The Simpsons opening theme has stood the test of time and has won a number of BMI TV Music Awards and even received the National Music Award for “Favorite TV Theme” in 2002.


Ima Robot’s “Greenback Boogie” is a fitting opening theme for the USA Network series “Suits” for numerous reasons. From a lyrical standpoint, the song humbly deliberates the universal desire for more money, which is relevant to the show about prominent Manhattan lawyers. Musically, the song possess a certain poise and coolness which resembles the confidence and composure of the show’s protagonists in a corporate environment.

Family Guy

The musical-esque Family Guy theme song created by Walter Murphy is congruent with the social satire of the show. The fact that the theme sounds like a show tune is fitting considering how many times the characters of the show spontaneously break into song. Lyrically, the song is ironic considering how far the show tends to stray from “good old fashioned values.” Nonetheless, the show’s young demographic speaks volumes about how well the theme song was written.

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