Ear Cuffs…Love it or leave it?

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One new obsession of mine has been these timeless chic ear cuffs. The ear cuff is a piece of metal that wraps around the outside of your ear and stays on by latching around the back of the upper portion of the back of the ear. Don’t have pierced ears? No worries!  You can wear these ear cuffs jewelry whether you have your ears pierced or not. Rock this classic jeweled cuff on a night out on the town with a LBD and stilettos. Or even wear it to class! Ear cuffs are just that extra something that can make your look even more unique. There are many different styles for ear cuffs. Some ear cuffs are vintage with detailed jewels looking like they’d be from the 1920s. Others have spikes or feathers on them. Some ear cuffs are longer in length than others continuing down the lobe dapping down, giving the appearance of an earring.

ear cuff

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Key hint: When wearing a ear cuff make sure your hair is pulled away from the ear  to prevent any pain from your hair getting tangled in the cuff. I recommend staying away from ones that may have a dangled chain that connects to a another part o that ear. This could cause tearing. Make sure that the cuff fits your ear properly so that there is no harm done to it.

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Crystal Wing Cuff $24.00
Crystal Wing Cuff
Jeweled Feather Ear Cuff $25.00
Jeweled Feather Ear Cuff
Crystal Dance Hanger Earring $24.00
Crystal Dance Hanger Earring $24.00
Diamond and Pearl ear cuff $30.00
Diamond and Pearl ear cuff $30.00
Metal Stone Ear Cuff - Right Ear $38.00
Metal Stone Ear Cuff – Right Ear $38.00