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MU alumnus’ tent company has Olympics covered

Nikita Vilim

February 23, 2010

      For an athlete to reach Olympic status, it takes preparation, drive and a love for the sport. Marquette alumnus Ronald Creten isn't an athlete, but he's been just as determined to excel at the 2010 ...

VIEWPOINT: Winter Games are must-see TV

Reader Submission

February 23, 2010

Contrary to Michael Murphy’s column, I believe the Winter Olympics are must-see TV. They provide an excitement and thrill that the Summer Olympics never can. Sure the summer sports may be more familiar to the everyday person,...

MURPHY: Winter Olympics Disappoint

Michael Murphy

February 18, 2010

Al Gore undoubtedly has a smile the size of the Prime Meridian on his face right now. Much like America’s failure to heed the stern warnings in former Oscar snubs like “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Deep Impact,” m...