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Google Buzz launch raises privacy concerns

Tony DiZinno

February 18, 2010

Google has entered the social media arena with the debut of Google Buzz, but the way the platform works has raised privacy concerns. As a hybrid integration of status updates, comments, photos, videos and social media sites...

The digital overload

Joe Carey

February 11, 2010

“Party in the USA” blasts through the speakers while “The Real World” highlights last week’s ultra-dramatic moments on the tube. A Facebook status updates to say, “FML,” and TMZ just tweeted that George Clooney was spotted bl...

KELLY: Dance like no one’s tweeting

Jack Kelly

January 19, 2010

Mindlessly surfing the Internet the other day, I came across this quote: “Dance like the photo’s not tagged. Love like you’ve never been unfriended. Tweet like nobody’s following.” This clever twist on a relative...

Social media sites dominate top 10 most visited

Tony DiZinno

December 3, 2009

More and more, users are changing the way they use the Internet. Now, bloggers are tracking the Internet sites that have the largest appeal and followings in an age increasingly populated by social media Web sites. A site called...

Business social networking site LinkedIn teams up with Twitter

Tony DiZinno

November 17, 2009

@LinkedIn Hi, interested in partnership for professionals in social media? DM for details. Such a sample tweet might be the way Twitter would describe its newly-announced partnership with LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking ...

KELLY: Succumbing to Twittering

Jack Kelly

October 27, 2009

I have long been a Twitter hater. I never saw the merit in updating the world of my whereabouts in 140-character bursts. I thought notifying people of what I was doing was slightly less inane than the baseball umpires t...


Matthew Reddin

September 15, 2009

Twitter=fun social media app. Also way to get jobs and #network. Like #FB but tinier and w/ more prof uses. Stats are 140 chars max. Get it? If you don’t, you might want to give Twitter a second look — tweets like the one ab...

Twitter Prevails

October 16, 0202

If I am going to download a new app, I need to have a good reason to do so; if I’m going to keep something on my home screen, it had better add some value to my busy life. And to this point, neither Facebook, nor Venmo has given me any reason to consider paying attention to them.