Marquette Wire

Law School releases poll of Democratic recall contenders

Allison Kruschke

May 3, 2012

Charles Franklin, a visiting professor at Marquette Law School and a polling expert, joined Mike Gousha at Eckstein Hall yesterday to discuss the latest results of the Marquette Law School Poll, which Franklin directs. Gousha...

Milwaukee given grant for lead hazard control

Andrea Anderson

February 24, 2011

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded the City of Milwaukee Health Department $4.5 million in Lead Hazard Control funds in hopes of combating the city’s everlasting efforts in lead reduction. The initiative...

Walker’s campaign record murky

Brooke Goodman

October 26, 2010

Nice play is far away and forgotten, as the Wisconsin gubernatorial race between candidates Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker (R) and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) has turned from agreeable to negative. Both candidates have gotten their shots in. A ...

Milwaukee ranked fourth poorest city in nation

Brooke Goodman

October 5, 2010

For some, a steady household income and abundance of opportunity is all that has ever been known. For others — 27 percent of Milwaukeeans, to be exact — poverty is something dealt with on a day-to-day basis. In a report...

Farley, Hopper visit campus to promote Walker

Brooke Goodman

September 14, 2010

After years of hearing phrases such as “Rock the Vote” and “You can make a difference,” it’s finally time to put pen to paper at the ballot boxes.  Whether you're a rookie to the voting booth or an old-time pro, today’s primary will de...

Wisconsin’s fall political preview

Brooke Goodman

September 2, 2010

With the final scheduled debate over for Republican gubernatorial candidates Scott Walker and Mark Neumann, the only question left is how the public will distinguish the two very similar campaigns from each other come the primary election day on Sept. 14. Both ca...

GOP gubernatorial candidates debate at Eckstein Hall

Tony DiZinno

August 30, 2010

During their last scheduled debate in Wednesday night’s "UPFRONT Town Hall Challenge,” Republican gubernatorial candidates Scott Walker and Mark Neumann focused on how to reform education and address the looming 2011 budget deficit, projected at $2.5 billion. ...

City receives grant to help South African sister city

Tim Seeman

April 27, 2010

Sister Cities International is giving 17 American cities — including Milwaukee, Chicago and St. Louis — the opportunity to help their less fortunate African sister cities thousands of miles away. Milwaukee will rece...

Zoo Interchange stirs up controversy amongst city politicians

Tim Seeman

April 13, 2010

Since January, commuters have had to navigate the dense jungle of orange traffic barrels that have cropped up around the Zoo Interchange, the state's busiest intersection of highways, which is currently being repaired to address significant concrete deter...

Wisconsin loses ‘Race to the Top’ funds

Tim Seeman

March 11, 2010

After a month and a half of waiting on the U.S. Department of Education to sift through 41 Race to the Top grant applications, Wisconsin learned last week it will not be considered in the first round of fund distribution. The...

Barrett converses about gubernatorial platform

Tim Seeman

March 9, 2010

As the first in a series of appearances by gubernatorial candidates in Mike Gousha’s “On the Issues” series, Milwaukee mayor and Democratic candidate Tom Barrett participated in a wide-ranging conversation at Sensen...