Marquette Wire

MU Theatre’s ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ promises filthy fun

Erin Heffernan

September 26, 2013

The French Riviera might make hopeless romantics of us all, but if you fall for Lawrence Jamieson or Freddy Benson you might lose more than your heart. The lead con men in Marquette Theatre’s latest show are known to leave women swooning and sans wallets, watches and diamond lava...

Marquette honors Phylis Ravel

Jacob Born

November 13, 2012

Phylis Ravel, an artistic associate professor in the Department of Theatre Arts, passed away Nov. 6 at age 69. Ravel, or "PR" as her students and colleagues called her, came to Marquette in 1997 to teach theatre and direct...

‘The Beaux’ Strategem’ offers ye olde laughs

Jennie Jorgensen

November 11, 2010

Beaux. n, pl. Men who escort or pay attention to a lady. Stratagem. n. A plan, scheme, or trick for surprising or deceiving an enemy. “The Beaux’ Stratagem.” n. Hilarious 18th century comedy about two scoundrels who find true love. Now playing at Ma...

Not an ordinary ‘Sunday’

Matthew Reddin

April 15, 2010

“Sunday in the Park with George” is a lot like the art form it spotlights: pointillism. You take a palette of concepts — obsessiveness, artistic brilliance, inability to connect with others, the nature of art and be...

‘Nickel and Dimed’ calls for change

Matthew Reddin

February 11, 2010

In "Nickel and Dimed," Barbara Ehrenreich cleans hotel rooms and tries to make a living on minimum wage. The question journalist Barbara Ehrenreich set out to answer seemed simple: can a single woman work and live on minimum wage for a month? And the answer was no. Now, the...

Magic, music and mayhem: ‘Midsummer’ cast takes us on a dreamy journey

Sara J. Martinez

November 12, 2009

She loves him, but he loves her. He loves her, but she loves him. He also loves her, but she’s not supposed to love him. And he loves her, but she loves … a baby? Oh, Shakespeare. You always keep it interesting. Whoeve...