Marquette Wire

Events on campus to help de-stress during finals

Hannah Byron

December 2, 2014

With finals just around the corner, the glow of Thanksgiving break is long gone and the stress of exams and papers begins to build. There’s no escaping finals week, but there are special offerings and events students can take advantage of to have a less str...

OLIVER: The lessons you learn from coffee

Eric Oliver

September 3, 2013

I worked at Starbucks the last three years of my life – Sunday was my last day. Although I am on to bigger and better things, I will miss it and the lessons I learned while working in the food service industry. For example, it taught me how to wake up at 4 a.m. and talk to other people. Every so often one of my customers would come up and ask my favorite question, “When did you have to wake up today?” I would always respond with "four," only to be met with the astonished jaw dropped face of the customer. No matter how many times I was asked that question, seeing the reactions to hearing someone got up that early to make coffee was always hilarious. Second, it taught me the value of a tip. When you work at Starbucks you earn an hourly wage plus tips. Although the tips are a bit of a bonus for baristas, for waiters and waitresses tips make up a majority of their paycheck. So what I’m saying is wheth...

Local coffee shops popular amongst students

Tony DiZinno

October 8, 2009

  If there is a preponderance of coffee mugs on campus, it’s for good reason.   As the weather drifts into typically chillier fall and winter temperatures, it's reasonable to expect students to stock up on warm beverages. That...