Marquette Wire

Sodexo a la carte

Dominic Tortorice

May 4, 2010

Who is Sodexo? To students here at Marquette University, Sodexo resides in the faces of the friendly cafeteria workers we see nearly every day. But to others, Sodexo, Inc. is a company that often finds itself at the center...

VIEWPOINT: Sodexo forum full of ‘corporate mumbo jumbo’

Reader Submission

April 29, 2010

Sodexo did not fool us. Last Monday, Marquette Student Government responded to student concerns about Marquette’s food service provider by facilitating a “conversation with Sodexo.” Unfortunately, the jargon used by...

Sodexo forum draws hundreds

Dominic Tortorice

April 20, 2010

After grilling food service representatives on the costs of meals plans and the lack of vegetarian meals, some students were left hungry for more answers. Held in the Alumni Memorial Ballroom, “An Evening with Sodexo” ...

Sodexo, budget among topics discussed at MUSG meeting

Jennie Jorgensen

April 20, 2010

Marquette Student Government is preparing for several changes during the 2010-’11 academic year, including improved dining services for students and possibly the first MUSG budget that exceeds half a million dollars. Sodexo...

Food for thought

Dominic Tortorice

March 11, 2010

Marquette Student Government took notice when reports of dissatisfaction with the food on campus began to rise as a chief concern among students. After MUSG passed a recommendation to terminate the contract with Sodexo...

Serving up a story, one slice at a time

Dominic Tortorice

February 25, 2010

Walk through Cobeen Hall’s dining room doors and into a bustling swarm of hungry college students. They dart in and out of lines for food, lines for utensils, lines for drinks. Dinner servers slop on the macaroni and ch...

MUSG lays out plan for new semester

Jennie Jorgensen

January 26, 2010

Marquette Student Government held a preliminary meeting Jan. 21 to discuss plans for the new semester. MUSG President Henry Thomas, a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences, said goals for this spring include finalizing...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Data from Sodexo satisfaction survey requires scrutiny

December 8, 2009

Most students have beef with Marquette’s cafeteria food, but would rather settle than starve. That’s why Marquette Student Government’s recommendation to end Sodexo’s contract was a bold move that unleashed welcome...

Jury still out on Sodexo decison

Matthew Reddin

December 3, 2009

Two university administrators said they believe Marquette Student Government senators misinterpreted and misunderstood food service data and surveys when they voted to pass a recommendation that the university terminate its contract...

MUSG recommends university dump Sodexo

Matthew Reddin

November 24, 2009

Marquette Student Government senators are recommending that the university terminate its contract with Sodexo as dining services provider and seek an alternative vendor. The 21-4 decision came at Thursday's Senate meeti...

Sodexo plans many small changes

Caroline Campbell

October 15, 2009

The Residence Hall Association hosted a Residence Life Forum earlier this week. Present at the forum were representatives from several aspects of residence life, including members of the office of Residence Life, Housing Services,...

Students, university officials discuss dining changes

Caroline Campbell

October 15, 2009

Students took their concerns about food service to Sodexo and Office of Residence Life officials at a meeting earlier this week. Some students called for better access to nutritional information about food served in campus dining ...