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EDITORIAL: MUSG shouldn’t have denied funding for flagship service organization

October 31, 2013

During January, the student-led service organization MARDI GRAS will send 98 students to New Orleans on its annual winter break trip without any funding from Marquette Student Government. MARDI GRAS has brought about 1,500 Marquette students on servi...

HILLIS: A response to service trip criticism

Helen Hillis

October 22, 2013

The trickiest thing about writing a column is that it is your voice reading it, not mine, despite my name under the headline. Two weeks ago, I wrote a column reflecting on the effectiveness of volunteer service trips. In the days that followe...

Students spend spring break serving others

Emily Wright

March 7, 2013

While most of the Marquette student population will try to unwind during spring break after midterms, some students will travel across the country to give back to those less fortunate. The Marquette Action Program, known as MAP, is sponsoring 18 trips to 12 different states this spring break. More...

Editorial: Mission week presents unique opportunities for MU students

February 5, 2013

Not every young adult has the opportunity to meet those as accomplished as the speakers visiting Marquette this week for Mission Week. The annual series of events often gets pushed to the side in students' hectic schedules,...