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  • May 15BREAKING: Sarah Feldner named dean of College of Communication

STAFF EDITORIAL: Walker unduly threatened 180 county layoffs

November 3, 2009

For a gubernatorial candidate, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker sure didn’t show last week that he could think his decisions through before acting on them. On Oct. 28, Walker sent layoff notices to 180 county workers...

STAFF EDITORIAL: Proposal to raise bus fares 25 cents must be eliminated

Rosemary Lane

October 8, 2009

Raising the bus fare 25 cents may not seem like a big deal for Marquette students. But increasing the fare perpetuates a far greater problem for the Milwaukee community — a hole in a leaking pot of funds. The increased bus...

County executive outlines 2010 budget

Tim Seeman

October 1, 2009

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker stressed the importance of limited government and continued commitment to fiscal responsibility in his 2010 county budget proposal, presented to the county board of supervisors last Thursday. The...