Marquette Wire

Notre Dame drops men’s soccer team, 2-0

Andrei Greska

October 7, 2009

It was a tale of two halves at Valley Fields as the Marquette men's soccer team fell 2-0 to Notre Dame. After an even first half, Notre Dame scored two quick goals to take control of the game and down Marquette. The loss was...

KELLY: How to cope without football

Jack Kelly

October 6, 2009

This weekend I planned on going to the Michigan-Michigan State football game in East Lansing. Some things came up and I ended up not going. So I missed Michigan’s last- second game-tying touchdown catch, the overtime goa...

MURPHY: Notre Dame accidentally issues employee $29,387 check

Michael Murphy

October 1, 2009

The funny thing about checks is that no matter how large the amount, they all weigh the same. So when Sara Gaspar lifted a small white envelope from her mailbox, it’s doubtful any red flags were raised in the Notre Dame cat...

Kulla leads by example

Tim Kraft

September 22, 2009

In most cases, college athletes watch video clips of professionals when looking for inspiration in their specific sport. In Julia Victor’s case, she watches a clip of her team’s goalkeeper, Natalie Kulla, making incredibl...