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LEARY: Gargano deserves national ridicule for monstrous actions

Patrick Leary

September 24, 2013

Last week was a tough one off the field for Marquette athletics. Monday, a student-athlete suffered multiple injuries after being struck by a car while she crossed Wisconsin Avenue. Friday evening, Marquette president the Rev. Scott P...

Marquette Men’s Lacrosse: Win over Concordia seals undefeated fall season

Christopher Chavez

October 16, 2012

The Marquette men’s lacrosse team played the program’s first ever home game at Valley Fields against Concordia on Saturday morning and came away with a 9-5 victory. The win marks the end of the fall season, in which Marquette...

Marquette Women’s Lacrosse: Sophomore Profiles

Christopher Chavez

March 22, 2012

Marquette’s women’s lacrosse coach Meredith Black has a young team on her hands — of the fifteen total players, ten are freshmen. As such, sophomores Jennifer Zandlo and Meredith Donaldson provide much needed experience...

Marquette Men’s Lacrosse: Grill’s determination overshadows stature

Christopher Chavez

March 20, 2012

At 5-foot-7, B.J. Grill is not one of the biggest members of the Marquette men’s lacrosse team, but what separates the freshman defender from everyone else is the determination he possesses to make himself stand out among giants. Hailing...

Marquette Lacrosse: Building character early on

Christopher Chavez

March 8, 2012

With the basketball season winding down, college lacrosse is just getting started all across the nation. The Marquette men's and women's lacrosse teams will have to wait another year before they get a chance to compete against...

Marquette Men’s Lacrosse: West honored as 29th team member

Christopher Chavez

February 9, 2012

The Marquette men’s lacrosse team is composed of 28 players, but through the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation, coach Joe Amplo has added another member to the team. Last week, the team adopted Jacob West, a 7-year-old Northern Illinois boy with pediatric cancer, ...

New coaches hired to launch new MU lacrosse program

Mike Nelson

February 8, 2011

Seven weeks after announcing that Marquette would launch lacrosse as a Division I sport, Marquette found itsfirst ever head coaches in Joe Amplo for the men’s team and Meredith Simon Black for the women. The university an...

Lacrosse beefs up Marquette’s athletics program

Trey Killian

January 18, 2011

Canada is known best for its hockey, but it’s a little known fact that it shares its designation as the country’s national sport with lacrosse. The game originated there and has slowly seeped into America’s athletic cult...