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EDITORIAL: Lack of business dean could exacerbate existing problems

October 1, 2013

In academics, as in business, leadership is important. Students in the College of Business Administration know this — they are required to participate in the Leadership Education and Development program, colloquially known as LEAD. No other...

MU assists Catholic education and institutions

Caroline Roers

September 5, 2013

Marquette launched a new Institute for Catholic Leadership at the beginning of the semester aiming to further support Catholic K-12 education and communities. The institute, housed at 1618 W. Wells St., will provide training...

OVBIAGELE: College students shy away from serious debate

Emil Ovbiagele

October 27, 2009

“I love argument, I love debate. I don’t expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me, that’s not their job.” Those were the words of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. But to a lot of youth t...