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  • October 21BREAKING: Men’s, women’s basketball to quarantine for two weeks

Marquette Women’s Volleyball: Spending summer at the beach

Michael Wottreng

May 3, 2012

Finals week is the only thing standing between most students and the start of summer break. The Marquette volleyball team may be looking forward to the summer months more than anyone. During the school year, student-athletes have rigorous schedules with little downtime. The combination of class, stud...

Larry Williams talks Marquette’s future

Michael Wottreng

May 1, 2012

When former athletic director Steve Cottingham resigned in June, the Marquette athletic department looked like it was on the verge of collapse amid sexual assault allegations. The school needed to find someone that could rebuild Mar...

Marquette Women’s Volleyball: Beyer continues MU’s success in the professional ranks

Michael Wottreng

April 26, 2012

The Al McGuire Center has had its fair share of spectacular athletes walk its halls, but there is one type that stands out above the rest. It’s the person wearing gold around their neck, not just on their shirts or pants. Marquette legend Dwyane Wade won a gold medal in the 2008 Ol...

Volleyball: New recruits look to bolster the lineup next season

Michael Wottreng

April 24, 2012

Much of the discussion surrounding the women’s volleyball team since the 2011 season ended has been about how it would replace former All-Americans Ashley Beyer and Ciara Jones. Coach Bond Shymansky continues to add players to the lineup for the 2012 season in hopes of findin...

Marquette Women’s Volleyball: Team hopes success in spring carries into the fall

Michael Wottreng

April 19, 2012

The women’s volleyball team’s spring season came to a conclusion Saturday with a first-place finish in the silver division of the 2012 Great Lakes Center Collegiate Challenge in Aurora, Ill. Last season, coach Bond Shymansky’s team was one set away from playing for the Big East T...

Marquette Women’s Volleyball: Preparation in Hope of Another Historic Season

Michael Wottreng

March 22, 2012

Bond Shymansky set lofty goals for the volleyball program from day on: raise banners in the Al McGuire Center alongside the banners of the men’s and women’s basketball teams. Step one of this process was completed la...

Men’s Big East Notebook

March 6, 2012

Double Bye The Big East decided to open the conference championship to all 16 teams in 2009, with the top four seeds earning double-byes into the quarterfinals. In the three tournaments since, the top four teams have not f...

Men’s Big East Notebook

Mike Nelson

March 22, 2011

Player of the Week: Kemba Walker, junior guard Walker was supposed to be too tired from five games in five days in the Big East Championship tournament to be successful in the NCAA Tournament, but everyone thought wrong. W...

SEEMAN: TCU’s Big East entry not yet a problem to Marquette

Tim Seeman

December 7, 2010

I’m not that old, but I’m old enough to remember a simpler time in college athletics. A time when universities placed more emphasis on academics than wins and losses. When clergymen like Cecil Newton weren’t allegedly...