Marquette Wire

Dirty art, clean message

Sarah Elms

April 29, 2010

Street art is everywhere, especially in urban environments. Usually, spray paint is found on buildings, dumpsters and train cars, a permanent fixture until someone else paints over it. However, around the city of Milwaukee, ther...

Not an ordinary ‘Sunday’

Matthew Reddin

April 15, 2010

“Sunday in the Park with George” is a lot like the art form it spotlights: pointillism. You take a palette of concepts — obsessiveness, artistic brilliance, inability to connect with others, the nature of art and be...

A perennial favorite: ‘Art in Bloom’ showcases floral design

Erica Breunlin

April 8, 2010

In Milwaukee, where green grass can be a hot commodity, spring doesn’t always bloom with all the vibrancy or fragrance it’s supposed to. Milwaukee does its best to enliven downtown, with rows of pastel tulips lining the...

From piece of work to work of art

Sarah Elms

March 25, 2010

Before displaying any artwork to the public eye, all museums want to ensure each piece is in the best possible condition. The Haggerty Museum of Art has a remarkable permanent collection of more than 4,500 works of art, but not...

RedLine offers outlet for Milwaukee artists

Erica Breunlin

February 11, 2010

Milwaukee’s art collection extends very little beyond the wings of its beloved Milwaukee Art Museum. In truth, the city’s canvas has never been all that colorful. Until now. Milwaukee artists Lori Bauman and Steve Vande Za...

Women’s photography on exhibit at Haggerty

Sarah Elms

February 4, 2010

Leave it to the Haggerty Museum of Art to put a unique spin on the Centennial Celebration of Women at Marquette. Six new exhibitions opened at the museum last Thursday, three of which present photography from talented female ...

Haggerty’s ‘Pairings’ shows unexpected parallels

Kaleigh Ward

November 19, 2009

Whether or not it is immediately apparent, context influences everything. A film, a simple statement or even a piece of visual art will be understood differently depending on the time and place in which it is presented. Ev...

Finally, a Halloween Bash that isn’t overrated

Kaleigh Ward

October 29, 2009

Unfortunately, Halloween keeps threatening to become one of those overrated holidays. First, you become too old to fool strangers into giving you free candy. Big kid Halloween parties revive the holiday spirit a bit, but y...

ARTiculation: A look at Marquette’s academic art program

Kaellen Hessel

October 15, 2009

Theresa Lauer is studying psychology so she can assist patients in expressing emotion and looking inside themselves for healing purposes. The senior in the College of Arts & Sciences believes incorporating art into her professional w...

More than 60 venues to participate in Gallery Night and Day

Brooke McEwen

October 15, 2009

If Milwaukee lives, moves and breathes, then the Historic Third Ward and East Side are the keepers of the city's heart and soul. These neighborhoods beat with an artistic vigor that pulses with energy and creativity, and this weekend ...

Exhibit unveils eclectic work of Warhol’s last decade

Kaleigh Ward

September 24, 2009

Every college student knows about Andy Warhol. At least the trendy ones do, or they pretend to. Nevertheless, Warhol’s name is universally recognized while the names of most other contemporary artists remain somewhat unfamiliar...

Spray paint is their medium of choice

Sara J. Martinez

September 10, 2009

Some kids steal. Some kids fight. Some kids want to make their voice heard and don't know any other way. So some kids paint. Graffiti, as seen on the sides of bus stops, warehouses and street signs, is wrong. So say the co...