Marquette Wire

LGBT center aims for community involvement with art gallery

Andrea Anderson

September 15, 2011

Community centers are commonplace in Milwaukee. But one in particular, the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center at 252 E. Highland Ave., exhibits a little more than meets the eye. The community center's art gallery opened in January 2011 in an ef...

MovieBarcode makes art out of art

Matt Mueller

March 25, 2011

Art or entertainment? It’s one of the classic questions that comes with being a film fanatic. If you end up on the side of movies being entertainment, people think you’re shallow. On the other hand, if you champion the idea of film as art, you come off as p...

The art of graffiti

Matthew Reddin

March 10, 2011

Graffiti doesn’t have the best of reputations. It’s usually unsightly, always illegal without permission and usually it’s nothing but tagged initials with little meaning for the average person. Yet sometimes graffiti ...

Past and future of Park East development

Kara Chiuchiarelli

March 1, 2011

When walking to the Bradley Center for home games or wandering Milwaukee's East Side, Marquette students and residents may have noticed a large area with vacant lots and redevelopment projects, and wondered in general conf...

Gallery showcases Valley’s hidden beauty

Jennifer Zahn

October 14, 2010

What comes to mind when you think of the Menomonee Valley? If your answer is “Where’s that?” head on down to the 16th Street Viaduct and just take a look around — it’s the 4-mile-long, half-mile-wide stretch of land under yo...

Creative types find home in Art Club

Sarah Elms

October 14, 2010

Marquette has a pretty well-deserved reputation as a school that doesn’t have a strong art community. So the fact that they’ve had an established Art Club for almost a decade might come as somewhat of a welcome surprise. Art...

Sculptor puts new spin on tire rubber

Jennie Jorgensen

September 30, 2010

To some, the tires of a city bus might not possess much aesthetic purpose — or any purpose except transportation. But to sculptor Chakaia Booker, within those rubber tires is a work of art just waiting to be discovered. Starting today, the Milwaukee Art Museum wil...

Artscape exhibit takes sculptures to the streets of the Third Ward

Sarah Elms

September 16, 2010

In the Third Ward, it’s a given you’ll be able to find art if you’re looking for it. With galleries, studios and museums lining the streets, there is no shortage of artwork on this side of town. Now, with the arrival of the fall season, the neighborhood is expanding i...

Here’s to you: honoring our favorite person, place and thing of the year

Sarah Elms

May 6, 2010

As the last issue of Marquee for the 2009-2010 school year, we decided to look back on the eventful and entertaining year that was. It was a big year for our little 93-acre campus. A favorite watering hole shut its doors, the...