Marquette Wire

2015-2016 Staff

Dennis Tracy

Dennis Tracy is a digital media major from Palatine, IL. He has previously worked as a production volunteer for MUTV before becoming an entertainment producer his junior year. When he's not busy editing videos, he can be found...

Rebecca Carballo

Rebecca is the managing editor of the Marquette Tribune as well as a senior majoring in journalism with a minor in political science. She has interned with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee...

Lily Wellen

Lily Wellen is the general manager of Marquette Radio this year. She was born and raised in Rockton, Illinois. She is a senior at Marquette University majoring in journalism and with a minor in digital media. When she's not pur...

Matt Froelich

Matt Froelich is the radio publicist for the 2016-'17 school year. He is from the quaint town of Port Washington. Port Washington is a town that celebrates its closeness to Lake Michigan, and he often engages in fish worship al...

Jimmy Drenovsky

Jimmy Drenovsky is a junior at Marquette who spends most of his time procrastinating his engineering responsibilities by finding new and obscure music through various avenues. He gets a sick thrill out of talking about ban...

McKenna Oxenden

McKenna is a senior from Columbia, Maryland majoring in journalism and minoring in digital media. She is presently the Managing Editor of the Marquette Journal and Special Projects Editor.

Patrick Thomas

Patrick is the executive director of the Marquette Wire. He is a junior from Omaha, Nebraska majoring in journalism.      

Jack Goods

Jack Goods is the sports editor of the Marquette Wire, covering the men's soccer, basketball and lacrosse teams. He is a senior from Buffalo, New York majoring in Journalism.