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Royal Teeth a hidden gem

Sam Kissel

July 15, 2014

Two years ago, while waiting for Fitz and the Tantrums, I made my best music discovery of the 45th Summerfest. They were a percussion-heavy group from Lafayette, Louisiana called Royal Teeth and they blew me away. This year, they...

OutKast delivers hot show on hot night

Sam Kissel

July 14, 2014

Awhile back, I wrote that in order to really garner excitement, Summerfest needed to book OutKast. Once announced, excitement started to build. I purchased my tickets just under an hour after they went on sale. I had anticipations...

Arctic Monkeys fail to impress on opening night

Sam Kissel

July 13, 2014

For my first time in three years, I attended Summerfest’s opening night. I came with high expectations for Arctic Monkeys’ headlining show at the Miller Liter Oasis. I didn’t leave disappointed, but I didn’t leave impressed...