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Lucky to Win a Game

In just four seasons, Marquette men's lacrosse went from being the first Division I program in the state of Wisconsin to hosting an NCAA tournament game. The athletic department announced the addition...

Transgender Resources

Alex Montesantos, Investigative Reporter November 17, 2016

Four university resources for transgender students, guests   Individual support from the Office of Residence Life   Living accommodations are available to all transgender students...

Holthusen Hall has been in a state of flux since a good portion of its staff left.

Understaffed counseling center creates problems for students

New hires made to solve the problem
Alexander Montesantos, Investigative Reporter May 5, 2016
After losing much of their staff, the counseling center has been working to improve resources for students.
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MU basketball attendance, team value drops

Student numbers part of fall as team continues rebuild
Patrick Thomas, May 5, 2016
Marquette men's basketball attendance has been falling for several years, subsequently "devaluing" the team and launching efforts to solve the problem.
Connie Petersen at the foot of the stairs in Helfaer Theater, a difficult challenge for a non able-bodied person.

Helfaer’s accessibility problem

Certain campus buildings provide a challenge for persons with physical disabilities
Devi Shastri, Investigative Reporter April 14, 2016
Helfaer Theater, the counseling center, and the 'Old Gym' provide a challenge for persons with physical disabilities.
University has room to improve on sexual health education

University has room to improve on sexual health education

Devi Shastri, Investigative Reporter December 3, 2015
Marquette ranked 118th out of 140 universities in sexual health. This is why...
Students can make payments on their loans while in school.

Debt by Degree: Dealing with Debt

Patrick Thomas, Investigative Reporter November 12, 2015
The second part of a 2-part series looking at student debt at Marquette, and how students are handling it.
Marquette ranks near middle for student debt among peer institutions

Marquette ranks near middle for student debt among peer institutions

Patrick Thomas, Investigative Reporter October 29, 2015
Data from the Department of Education puts MU in the middle of the pack when it comes to student debt.
Marquette provides a supportive environment for academic research. Photo by Martina Ibanez (

The guidelines of innovation

How faculty research is regulated on campus
Devi Shastri, Investigative Reporter October 1, 2015

Biological sciences faculty member Robert Fitts has researched muscle fatigue at Marquette for 40 years. His first three decades as a researcher were funded by NASA, where he worked with rats and humans...

Harp and Shamrock and the Avenues West building on the corner of 21st and Wells. Harp and Shamrock owner Aldo Tase said the presence of MUPD has been positive for his business.

Looking West

Marquette Police presence brings more students to the western part of campus
Patrick Thomas, Investigative Reporter October 1, 2015
Businesses on the west side have noticed more students venturing into the area since Marquette established a police force.
The Wire explains: School rankings

The Wire explains: School rankings

A look at what national university rankings really mean
Alexander Montesantos, Investigative Reporter September 24, 2015
Marquette is ranked 86th best by US News & World Report. But what does that mean, and how does it affect you?
Senior engineering student Kevin Vanneman studies in the engineering building, which will soon host a partnership with MIAD for industrial design.

MIAD and Marquette design for the future

Patrick Thomas September 10, 2015
Engineering students from Marquette create something using their engineering skills, and the MIAD students work creatively to make and design aspects of the project to present it to the general public. The specific curriculum is not yet set, but the program aims to get students to work collaboratively to solve big problems.
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