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Why is sexual assault reporting on the rise?

Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual assault or harassment by more than 60 women.

Clara Janzen, Assistant News Editor

November 29, 2017

All 22 of those men, including Weinstein, have either been fired or have resigned from their respective positions and companies.

The Uncomfortable Truth

Members of the cast of Student Body posing with the most powerful quotes in the play.

Jennifer Walter, Executive News Editor

November 29, 2017

They also discover they are in possession of the only video evidence of the incident.

Johnston’s Gems

Matt Unger, Projects Editor

November 29, 2017

There was a time when Marquette’s chapel, library and Jesuit residence were all housed under the same roof. It was a time before there were 11 different colleges featuring 80 different majors and 78 varying minors. In fact, Marquette was still considered a college itself, still too small in enrollment...

Counseling and advocacy groups seek improved outreach

Nick Jenkins, a coordinator at the Counseling Center, said QPR training typically takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete

Maredithe Meyer, Projects Reporter

May 2, 2017

For mental health professionals dealing with patients in the day-to-day, the need for immediate strategies to help those struggling with suicide is pressing. "There is a 50 percent lifetime incident of mental illness," David Baker, an associate professor in the College of Health Sciences and neurolog...

Before college: A fight against stigma

Before college: A fight against stigma

Abby Ng, Projects Reporter

April 25, 2017

The Schuster family never saw it coming. Neither did the community of Grafton, Wisconsin. No one ever thought Tim Schuster, a popular 17-year-old high school senior, known for his ability to make people laugh, would kill himself. Dec. 10, 2008 started out as a normal day for Tim’s mother, Cl...

Marquette researchers seek innovative treatments

Marquette researchers seek innovative treatments

Maredithe Meyer, Investigative Reporter

April 25, 2017

Charlie Kubly was described by his loved ones as the life of the party, even as he battled depression for years. He was 28 when that battle ended and Kubly lost his life to suicide. Kubly grew up in Milwaukee as the youngest of seven children. In high school and college, he spent time traveling, skiing, sailing and playing tennis. He loved blues m...

Lucky to Win a Game

Lucky to Win a Game

Grant Becker, Brian Georgeson, Patrick Thomas and Matt Unger

January 29, 2017

In just four seasons, Marquette men's lacrosse went from being the first Division I program in the state of Wisconsin to hosting an NCAA tournament game. The athletic department announced the addition of the sport in 2010 with a goal of adding a spring-time spectator sport. Spearheaded by Marquette...

Transgender Resources

Alex Montesantos, Investigative Reporter

November 17, 2016

Four university resources for transgender students, guests   Individual support from the Office of Residence Life   Living accommodations are available to all transgender students by request from the Office of Residence Life, and are handled based on the student’s level of c...

Understaffed counseling center creates problems for students

Holthusen Hall has been in a state of flux since a good portion of its staff left.

Alexander Montesantos, Investigative Reporter

May 5, 2016

After losing much of their staff, the counseling center has been working to improve resources for students.

MU basketball attendance, team value drops

Photo by Ben Erickson/

Patrick Thomas,

May 5, 2016

Marquette men's basketball attendance has been falling for several years, subsequently "devaluing" the team and launching efforts to solve the problem.

Helfaer’s accessibility problem

Connie Petersen at the foot of the stairs in Helfaer Theater, a difficult challenge for a non able-bodied person.

Devi Shastri, Investigative Reporter

April 14, 2016

Helfaer Theater, the counseling center, and the 'Old Gym' provide a challenge for persons with physical disabilities.

University has room to improve on sexual health education

University has room to improve on sexual health education

Devi Shastri, Investigative Reporter

December 3, 2015

Marquette ranked 118th out of 140 universities in sexual health. This is why...