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Lake Michigan is the source of our water and where we put our waste.

Troubled Waters

Amanda Parrish, Investigative Reporter November 13, 2019
An excess of nutrients can put the health of water, and subsequently home, at risk.
Alfonso Martinez is a student working four jobs to cover his tuition costs.

Odd Jobs and Academics

Marquette students open up about the real cost of education
Lelah Byron, Investigative Reporter November 13, 2019
He worked as a cook, a membership analyst, a teen program leader and a Badger Boys State counselor just to stay financially stable.
Graphic by Grace Dawson and Matthew Martinez

Political Super Bowl coming to Milwaukee

Democratic National Convention spurs MU events, opportunities
Grace Dawson, Investigative Reporter November 5, 2019
Liz Gilbert, former resident of South Florida and current president of the Host Committee for the 2020 Democratic National Convention, was shocked to see beaches in Milwaukee.
Misrepresentation threatens Native American identity

Misrepresentation threatens Native American identity

Emily Rouse, Executive A&E Editor October 29, 2019
The repeated suppression of culture continues to affect the way Native Americans feel internally.
This story is part of Blindspot, a Marquette Wire series for the Marquette Journal.

Enrollment increases on ‘sugar daddy’ websites

Lelah Byron, Investigative Reporter April 30, 2019
With the cost of living in the city being too much to handle on top of school tuition, Isabelle decided to sign up for a sugar daddy dating website when she was 19. Websites like this allow younger men and women to find relationships with older people who essentially act as benefactors, sometimes referred to as "sugar daddies".
A timeline detailing the key developments of MUPD's body camera initiative. Graphic by Matthew Martinez.

MUPD decides against using body cameras

Claire Hyman, Investigative Reporter April 16, 2019
Roadblocks such as choosing a provider and reviewing privacy policies stretched MUPD's body camera initiative over three years. However, the department has recently decided to forego the plan to implement the cameras, police chief Edith Hudson said.
Al McGuire Center, Johnston crashes highlight complexity of issue

Al McGuire Center, Johnston crashes highlight complexity of issue

Amanda Parrish, Investigative Reporter April 11, 2019
The vehicle-to-building crashes could be attributed to the high level of traffic on an urban campus, MUPD Capt. Jeff Kranz said. It is an anomaly, he said, that three crashes occurred at the same intersection in such a short period of time.
EDITORIAL: University must acknowledge role in abuse

EDITORIAL: University must acknowledge role in abuse

April 9, 2019
While the university did not recognize its own institutional implication in Walter's death in recent months and years, the chance to take responsibility still exists. The university has a moral obligation to publicly acknowledge how its involvement in this case perpetuated abuse.
Various studies reported the hardships victims encounter after surviving trafficking. Graphic by Matthew Martinez.

Social determinants affect survivors’ recoveries

Emily Rouse, Assistant Special Projects Editor April 9, 2019
During the recovery process, victims of sex trafficking often face difficulty finding holistic treatment, safe housing and other resources. Experts and a nonprofit leader emphasized the importance of dismissing stigmas and understanding survivors.
Melvin Spence questions a student. Illustration by Natallie St. Onge.

LEFT BEHIND: Gone without answers

Matthew Martinez, Executive Projects Editor April 9, 2019
Melvin felt that someone at the university was to blame. He thought the circumstances of his son's April 1978 death were being hidden from him.
Members of the Milwaukee County district attorney's office, which is currently located inside the safety building on State Street, did not have staff members at the inquest looking into Walter Spence's 1978 death.

LEFT BEHIND: Slamming the door

Matthew Martinez, Executive Projects Editor April 2, 2019
A cause-of-death inquest was ordered by the district attorney's office to look into whether Walter Spence's death involved foul play.
Graphic by Chelsea Johanning. Photos courtesy of the Department of Special Collections and University Archives, Marquette University Libraries.

LEFT BEHIND: What happened to Walter Spence?

Matthew Martinez, Executive Projects Editor March 26, 2019
The physical discipline was a way for Father Landwermeyer to provide then-student Walter Spence with motivation for his studies, Landwermeyer said in court.
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