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MU students express concerns about paying back loans after college. Marquette Wire stock photo

JOURNAL: Monopoly Money: How college students play the game of finance

Lelah Byron, Executive Projects Editor November 17, 2021
When it comes to financial literacy for undergraduate students, managing money can feel like a game or even a gamble.
The LGBTQIA+ Resource Center is located on the first floor of the AMU.

JOURNAL: LGBTQIA+ Experiences on Campus

R.E. Hagan and Christina Espinoza November 17, 2021
The LGBTQIA+ community has been vocal and present. And yet, the community’s experience is still a minority.
Newer buildings on campus are utilizing more modern architecture.

JOURNAL: Architects and academics: How does inclusivity play into design?

Skyler Chun and Lelah Byron November 17, 2021
Each building on campus has its own circle of life.
Marquettes Backpack Program offers confidentially supplied groceries and personal care products.

JOURNAL: Food Insecurity

Maria Crenshaw and November 17, 2021
It looks like skipped meals, compromises in the grocery store, sacrifices, extra shifts at work, and trying to focus in class despite not knowing what or where your next meal is.

Putting questions about COVID-19 vaccines to the test

Beck Andrew Salgado, Projects Reporter April 20, 2021
There are some students who have protests about getting the vaccine. But what information is available to aid or abate these anxieties? 

Accessibility of Online Classes

Grace Dawson, Investigative Reporter April 20, 2021
Although Marquette has been offering online courses for over a decade, the pandemic has accelerated the implementation of different online technologies and opportunities.

Tutoring programs available for academic burnout

Aspen Ramos, Projects Reporter April 20, 2021
Marquette's tutoring program accommodates around 5,000 tutorial requests per year, according to its website. Dawn Barrett, associate director of the tutorial program at Marquette, said that a common theme among students who visit the tutoring center is how they have become increasingly overwhelmed by the chaotic amount of information that is included on D2L pages, emails and other online correspondence. 
I wish I could have my future laid out for me : Graduating seniors share plans

‘I wish I could have my future laid out for me’ : Graduating seniors share plans

Lelah Byron and Amanda Parrish April 20, 2021
For some graduating seniors, COVID-19 impacted their original plans for their lives after graduating from Marquette. These struggles are reflective of obstacles faced by last year’s graduates. 

University housing changes cause lack of community

Maria Crenshaw, Investigative Reporter April 20, 2021
Whether from concerns about safety, mental health, quick deadlines or a lack of community, housing during the 2020-2021 school year has been different and difficult for many students.
A protest was held outside of the Jesuit Residence April 19

Inquiring Ignatius: The Duality of Jesuit Missionaries

Amanda Parrish, Assistant Projects Editor April 8, 2021
The Society of Jesus sent missionaries around the world in hopes of converting people to Catholicism and played an integral role in the Counter-Reformation.
Nuestro Hagar is a Spanish-speaking living learning community in Straz Tower that celebrates and builds a community around Latinx culture.

Encouraging Inclusivity

Maria Crenshaw , Projects Reporter April 8, 2021
Over 700 international students from 68 different countries study at Marquette University.
Marquette students Kierney McGrath, Justyna Bochenek and Elizabeth Hall are three of 10 nursing undergraduate students studying abroad this semester in Dublin, Ireland. Photos courtesy Elizabeth Hall.

A New Type of Study Abroad

Lelah Byron, Executive Projects Editor April 8, 2021
International travel has become a labyrinth of late-stage lockdowns and pandemic protocols.
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