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Pepsi priced unfairly

September 23, 2003

I am somewhat embarrassed that a $0.64 issue is finally driving me to take out the pen and rant in The Marquette Tribune. It's a little annoyance but, luckily, it has a very simple solution, so we can use this as a test to see how quickly the administration responds to simple student requests. On...

One with the universe

Sarah Sherman

September 18, 2003

You would probably think me insane if I were to begin this viewpoint by telling you that God came to me. In a way, you would be right. At the very least -- while not insane — I would be speaking inaccurately. French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre said, "Hell is other people." I wonder if he knew how...

Fighting for free speech

Megan Inserra

September 18, 2003

In one of Tuesday's viewpoints, Sarah Rhomberg complained about the posters put up by the Marquette College Republicans. She said that they "highlighted six crimes against U.S. citizens by people considered to be radical Islamic militants." Inserra is a sophomore history and global politics major.

Television in everyday life

Marianne Gosz

September 18, 2003

Around the world, Americans are often stereotyped as being out of touch with current events or, to be blunt, stupid. Many foreigners think we are egocentric, or that we are unable to see a world beyond the United States. This, of course, is a misconception, but it has some truth behind it. For example,...

A struggle for all

Nicholas Zettel

September 18, 2003

Everyone pull out your Universal Catechisms! After all, Marquette is a Catholic university. Jason L. Keener certainly used his Catechism in his Tuesday viewpoint berating the Gay/Staight Alliance rainbow flag in the Alumni Memorial Union. Here are two pieces of advice for Keener: First, if people...

We are ALL Marquette

Christian Eichenlaub

September 18, 2003

After reading Jason Keener's viewpoint on Tuesday, I became a bit concerned for the standards of our graduate program at Marquette. Perhaps I would expect a prospective graduate student to have at least some mastery of logic. For a little Latin, let's try "cura personalis," one of the virtues that...

Monument violates U.S. principles

Marianne Gosz

August 28, 2003

Thus, the monument of the Ten Commandments in the Montgomery Judicial Building, which was illegally placed, has no business staying there. Although the Ten Commandments coincide with many laws, they represent a religious belief. Therefore, according to the Constitution, they do not belong in a judicial...

Twitter Prevails

October 16, 0202

If I am going to download a new app, I need to have a good reason to do so; if I’m going to keep something on my home screen, it had better add some value to my busy life. And to this point, neither Facebook, nor Venmo has given me any reason to consider paying attention to them.