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BBQ stokes fires

Megan Bartelt

October 9, 2003

Earlier this week, I was invited by some gentlemen to sign up for the Barbeque for Animal Rights. I proceeded to inform them that they had to be joking: Such a thing would obviously be a contradiction in terms, and in any case, I was late for a class. Imagine my shock to be informed by a friend that...

Sex on campus shows need for VOX group

October 9, 2003

Whether you want to believe it or not, Marquette students are having sex. Stop the average Marquette student, and they will agree that the Marquette student population is just as sexually active as any public school population. In fact, 80 percent of 18-year-olds in the United States are sexually active....

Athlete wishes he were theater major

October 9, 2003

In response to Marianne Gosz's column two weeks ago, I would like to set the story straight. While Sarah Sherman's column took into account an average student athlete's time commitments for a given week, she didn't look specifically into any one particular sport, at any specific time of year. Something...

MU students must build awareness of mental health issues

October 9, 2003

It is the friend who seems to drink more beer than water, who misses class, life and conscious thought. He is defensive when asked about his drinking habits. He is an alcoholic in every sense of the word. Chances are you know these people. They are your best friends, your roommates or you. One in...

Boston knocks socks off

Keith Ferguson

October 9, 2003

This year, Boston has finally defined itself as the greatest baseball city. The greatest fans have always called Boston their home, but this year the players and executives were able to mesh, as well. At the beginning of the year, the media was heavily criticized because of its near baneful style in...

Cafeteria can’t replace Church

October 9, 2003

Everyone who knows me would likely agree that I'm not a very outspoken individual. Heck, the only detention I ever had was for not talking during a study hall. However, after reading the column by Marianne Gosz last Thursday I felt compelled to say something. Both of these were big issues, but the...

Bias burns MU conservatives

Joseph Wilke

September 23, 2003

Last Tuesday, Bob Mate put his two cents in against the sentiments expressed in Brian Baranowski's Viewpoint from the previous Thursday. I believe that Baranowski wrote a straightforward Viewpoint that respectfully challenged Mate's arguments. Considering some of the other content published this year...

Posters reveal truth about history, U.S.

Michael Uhrich

September 23, 2003

Sarah Rhomberg's Viewpoint, while obviously passionate, was in many ways naive. First, in calling the "Never Forget" posters "propaganda," she necessarily implies that the College Republicans had something to gain from the posters being up, or that the College Republicans put them up intending to harm...

Response: campus not suited to tastes of bigots

September 23, 2003

When I read "Rainbow Darkens MU's Image" by Brian Keener, my only response was repulsion. It sickens me that people continue to have such short-sighted views and insist on using biblical/religious texts to support their bigotry. Johnson is an economics graduate student.

Critics miss point

Brian Collar

September 23, 2003

I was very impressed by Bob Mate's world news exclusive — The Marquette Tribune is honored to be the first to print this discovery: "The College Republicans spent the night (9/11/01) ranting about an issue of their own making." Really? Does the CIA know? Was the much-glorified whistleblower of the...

Fair, balanced in the midst of all this criticism

September 23, 2003

Wilke is upset over the "liberal bent of the Tribune's content." Look at the Viewpoints section today. It's heavy on the Charlton Heston and short on the Susan Sarandon. Is this the "liberal bent"? If Wilke had read the entire Statement of Opinion Policy, he would have seen that the Viewpoints section...

Pepsi priced unfairly

September 23, 2003

I am somewhat embarrassed that a $0.64 issue is finally driving me to take out the pen and rant in The Marquette Tribune. It's a little annoyance but, luckily, it has a very simple solution, so we can use this as a test to see how quickly the administration responds to simple student requests. On...