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Ex-scout opens closet door

October 7, 2003

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While serving as an assistant scoutmaster in 1990, Dale was dismissed from the Boy Scouts for being a homosexual. "I couldn't live with the organization I had put much effort and time into discriminating (against me)," he said. He...

Film to cross red line at Marquette

Will Ashenmacher

October 2, 2003

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Redlining is a term used to describe the "practice of economic discrimination based on a group rather than individual value," Banda said in a statement. Banda said that if members of one ethnicity, in the case of his documentary...

Al-Anon comes to campus

October 2, 2003

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Jean Grow, assistant professor of advertising and public relations, said there was an expressed interest in the immediate area which created the need for a new meeting group. The number of group members is difficult to pinpoint...

Inner city focus of new initiative

September 25, 2003

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The inner city, according to Shukla, consists of areas in the city with high unemployment rates and high poverty rates. The GMC has been working on such an initiative for close to 18 months. To help plan for Milwaukee, the Initiative...

Harak cooks JUSTICE soup

Tim Horneman

September 23, 2003

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Using images of injured and killed Iraqis — as well as his own experiences in Iraq — the Rev. Simon Harak told an audience why he believes that the war in Iraq did not help the Iraqis at all. Harak, a former professor at...

Sheen mean on social work

September 18, 2003

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Sheen, an award-winning actor, director and producer and currently a cast member of the Emmy Award winning NBC television drama, "The West Wing," in which he portrays President Josiah Bartlet, will speak at the dedication of the...

Sexual Tension

Susan Haarman

September 16, 2003

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As a Jesuit Catholic campus, Marquette has the challenge of standing by its Catholic identity and supporting its homosexual students. Two resources lie in the Gay/Straight Alliance and the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual support groups that...


September 11, 2003

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The American Community Survey was started in 1996 as a means of improving the decennial census process, Nelson said. It offers yearly demographic, social, housing and economic data for a variety of population groups, ranging from...

Ford Foundation for minorities

Katie Hinderer

September 4, 2003

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Powless is an Oneida Native American and the first Marquette student to win this fellowship, said Daniel Griffiths, vice provost for Research and Graduate Programs. "It feels fantastic to win the Ford Foundation Fellowship,"...

University changes clause

Lisa Petersen

September 4, 2003

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"The policy change means a great deal to the GSA," said Michael Maloney, president of GSA. "One of the basic things it stands for is that the university acknowledges us and respects the members of Marquette despite sexual orientation." According...


September 4, 2003

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The task force, composed of Milwaukee County Supervisors, will offer "a list of recommendations on how to mitigate segregation," said task force co-chairman Tim Johnson. The report will be issued to the Milwaukee County Board...

Task force issues summary of findings on gender

Katie Hinderer

September 2, 2003

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Findings and recommendations were made into an Executive Summary by the task force. Three of the eight key findings are as follows: "Women may be less likely to receive administration appointments, particularly to department chair....