Marquette Wire

Sports Check

October 14, 2003

Tribune: Are you a big sports fan Fr. Wild? University President the Rev. Robert A. Wild: I'm a huge Marquette men's basketball fan. The women's games also and some soccer and volleyball. I certainly try to get to as many games...

Lannon inaugurated as St. Joseph’s President

John Heiderscheidt

October 14, 2003

Marquette's loss and another school's gain became official Friday when the Rev. Timothy Lannon was inaugurated as president of St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia. The events began Thursday evening with a dinner held for...

Cafeteria can’t replace Church

October 9, 2003

Everyone who knows me would likely agree that I'm not a very outspoken individual. Heck, the only detention I ever had was for not talking during a study hall. However, after reading the column by Marianne Gosz last Thursday I...

Keeping the faith

Susan Haarman

October 9, 2003

Christian Eichenlaub, a College of Communication junior, is the picture perfect Catholic university student. He participates in community service through Easter Seals. He loves his family. He's a straight A student on scholarship....