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The student news site of Marquette University

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The student news site of Marquette University

Marquette Wire

Police crack down on campus parties

Amy Bauer September 24, 2003

In early September, the Milwaukee Police Department was summoned to break up disturbances from partiers near the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Many of those attending were students. "Police involvement...

Students prefer long weekend to Friday class

Amy Guckeen September 24, 2003

Those who prefer spending quality time with their pillows on Friday mornings can feel a little sympathy for students at Syracuse University. Syracuse students accustomed to forming their class schedules...

Power struggle

September 24, 2003

Colon, associate director of the United Community Center and resident of the 12th Supervisor District on Milwaukee's south side, feels it is time for Latino leadership to be present on the Board. "There...

Port hovers on crafty transit idea

September 24, 2003

Citing Milwaukee's "familial, economic and cultural ties" to Chicago, Milwaukee Port Director Ken Szallai has begun to explore the idea of establishing a hovercraft line between the two cities. Szallai...

Engineering proposes another construction project

Celia Downes September 24, 2003

Saying it would benefit both the school and the larger community, members of the civil and environmental engineering department plan to propose a new undergraduate major in construction management. The...

Inner city focus of new initiative September 24, 2003

The inner city, according to Shukla, consists of areas in the city with high unemployment rates and high poverty rates. The GMC has been working on such an initiative for close to 18 months. To help plan...

Harak cooks JUSTICE soup

Tim Horneman September 22, 2003

Using images of injured and killed Iraqis — as well as his own experiences in Iraq — the Rev. Simon Harak told an audience why he believes that the war in Iraq did not help the Iraqis at all. Harak,...

Few vote for MUSG Senators

Tim Horneman September 22, 2003

Students elected 14 representatives Thursday from residence halls and off-campus in the Marquette Student Government elections. The total number of votes submitted was 599, but 55 of those were invalid...

Coal plant expansion ignites debate September 22, 2003

A proposed expansion of the Oak Creek Power Plant, set to be decided by Wisconsin's Public Service Commission by Nov. 10, sparked debate at public hearings last week. Thad Nation, spokesman for WE Energies,...

Al construction soils Cobeen

Jackie Palank September 22, 2003

The $31 million price tag was not the only cost to build the Al McGuire Center. Design-builder Opus North had to take extra steps to ensure the safety of residents at nearby Cobeen Hall during construction...

Writing center moves

Meg Lavery September 17, 2003

The old facility used to be a residence hall and was not specific to the needs of the staff and students, said Writing Center director Paula Gillespie. Senior Sheila Keane, a tutor at the Writing Center,...

Sheen mean on social work

September 17, 2003

Sheen, an award-winning actor, director and producer and currently a cast member of the Emmy Award winning NBC television drama, "The West Wing," in which he portrays President Josiah Bartlet, will speak...

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