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DPS adds new stops to LIMO route

Emily Palm

August 25, 2003

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The myriad of new renovations that have affected students' lives have also prompted changes from the Department of Public Safety. Because Raynor Library will be open for 24 hours, DPS has hired two additional officers to supplement...

Scholars dig in and celebrate ground-breaking of new house

Steve Rushin

November 19, 1985

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A decade of waiting ended as a year of construction began Monday when ground was broken for the Evan Scholars' house on the corner of 14th and Wells streets. Nearly 50 people huddled beneath a red and white tent as a light...

ASMU asks police to speak at forum

Steve Rushin

October 30, 1985

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The ASMU Senate has asked Milwaukee's police chief to send three officers to Marquette to participate in an open forum with students on the subjects of sexual assault and crime prevention. That proposal was in the mixed bag...

Warriors not at Center yet

Steve Rushin

October 23, 1985

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Lloyd and Jane Petit's decision last week to build the Bradley Center at County Stadium does not mean the men's basketball team will be heading west, according to Hank Raymonds, athletic director. Raymonds said "nothing has...

Alternatives sought for the non-drinkers

Steve Rushin

October 8, 1985

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Agreeing that social outlets are limited for underage and non-drinking students at Marquette, administrators and student representatives met Friday seeking remedies for the problem. "Students perceive that in order to be accepted...

Police plan crackdown on neighborhood parties

Steve Rushin

September 17, 1985

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In light of what police described as the worst behavior in years at off-campus student parties, local beer distributors and representatives agreed Thursday to promote responsible drinking more actively. The informal agreement...

Avoid renting hassles by knowing your rights

Steve Rushin

September 5, 1985

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Even an unfurnished apartment can come fully equipped with problems, but they can be solved by following some basic rules, said Milwaukee attorney Robert Smith. The first rule for prospective tenants is to "know your rights."...

Raynor answers media critics

Steve Rushin

April 23, 1985

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Speaking to host Patrick Olsen on WMUR's "Newsmakers" program, Raynor addressed separate articles appearing in the Milwaukee Journal and the Marquette Tribune which questioned the president's ethics in obtaining a reported $2...

NASA Gear exhibit out of this world

Steve Rushin

March 27, 1985

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Twelve million dollars worth equipment from the space shuttle's recovery system was on display Saturday at the College of Engineering's open house. The shuttle display was sponsored by NASA. Engineers who helped design the...

GE recruiter mixes interview formula

Steve Rushin

January 29, 1985

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Students looking for jobs were given a view last Thursday from behind the desk of an interviewer, when a corporate recruiter explained what he and others like him look for in job candidates. Ken Dahlstrom, who spoke on "What...