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MOSES: U.S., world still failing to protect women

Hope Moses, Opinions Columnist April 6, 2021
There is a silent pandemic that has plagued our societies globally, one that we have not yet remedied: the struggle for women’s rights, especially regarding sexual assault.
Proposed legislation in Alabama is targeting the LGBTQ+ community. Photo via Flickr

KOCH: Legislative protections for LGBTQ+ must become a priority

Jenna Koch, Opinions Columnist April 6, 2021
Although recent anti-trans legislation has been proposed, people are more silent than ever about trans issues. 
One year ago on March 23 Marquette announced a switch to virtual learning

March 23: One year after Marquette announced the 2020 spring semester would be fully virtual

Benjamin Wells, Executive News Editor March 23, 2021
March 23, 2020 the university announced that all classes would be online for the remained of the spring semester. Exactly one year later, the university has changed due to COVID-19
University continues to hold mass at the Church of Gesu

Masses adjust to COVID-19 regulations

Karsyn Hartsfield, News Reporter March 23, 2021
These include restrictions regarding the number of attendees allowed in Mass, extra sanitation protocols, and  finding new ways to allow those who can't be in the chapel at Mass to attend; such as live-streaming Mass.
Marquette students have had two Mental Health Days this semester.

EDITORIAL: Faculty, staff must support students during the rest of the semester

March 18, 2021
Marquette faculty and staff must support students during ongoing pandemic and make sure they are planning for Mental Health Days.
O'Donnell Hall quarantined students share their experience

O’Donnell Hall quarantined students share their experience

Megan Woolard, Assistant News Editor March 16, 2021
“It felt like the whole building was gone, the halls were dead silent. It honestly threw the whole vibe off,” Viviana Garcia, first-year in the College of Engineering and O’Donnell resident, said. 

Parties persist as pandemic continues

Natallie St. Onge and Claire Driscol March 16, 2021
As he watched a densely packed group continue to gather, Doe said he decided to take out his phone to capture a video of the crowds, in hopes that the students would see someone taking a video and would then disperse.
The Commons is located on Well and 17th Streets.

PATEL: COVID-19 continues to dramatically alter students’ lives

Krisha Patel, Stringer March 16, 2021
While it’s important that Marquette takes the appropriate precautions to keep people safe, especially in the residence halls to avoid dorm lockdowns and quarantines, it’s just as important to support students' abilities to make friends and get the most from being at college. 

“American Rescue Plan” sets to stimulate American economy

Julia Abuzzahab, News Reporter March 16, 2021
This bill is also known as the America Rescue Plan, and according to the Washington Post it is aimed to help in a few major areas. There are unemployment benefits, child tax credits, aid to state and local governments, pandemic responses, housing assistance, school support, aid for multi-employer pension plans, new provisions and stimulus checks.
Asian discrimination increases nation wide

Asian discrimination increases nation wide

Benjamin Wells, Executive News Editor March 16, 2021
A recent study from The Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism found that there was an 149% increase in Asian Hate Crimes in 15 of America's "major cities" like New York and Chicago.
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Faculty group works to create public health programs at Marquette

Alexa Jurado March 16, 2021
Even before the pandemic, a group of faculty on campus worked on an interdisciplinary initiative to create public health programs at Marquette. 
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PATEL: Wisconsin mask mandate still necessary despite vaccination distribution

Krisha Patel, Stringer March 10, 2021
Marquette students have a responsibility to protect others by wearing a mask as they wait to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.
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