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Midget with an attitude

Tim Cigelske September 18, 2003
"Ever see a midget eat popcorn?" he says. "They stick their whole arm in the bucket and come out with one kernel."
There's more.
"How do you drown a midget? Spit on him."
His jokes about midget sexual positions, however, are too vulgar to...

Betsey, Bacon Delafield fertile ground for film setting for

[email protected] September 18, 2003
In theory, yes. But the writers and producers of the upcoming independent film "Red Betsy" don't quite agree with that idea, at least not for their movie. For them a movie about Wisconsin needed to take place in the dairy state. Many lucky Wisconsin...

New exhibit at Haggerty

[email protected] September 18, 2003
Starting today, the Haggerty Museum of Art presents an exhibit from a highly regarded, innovative contemporary artist, Peter Sehringer. This is the first time Sehringer's work will be shown in the United States.
The exhibit, entitled "Peter Sehringer:...

Thursday’s gone with the wind

Tim Cigelske September 18, 2003
Such plaudits came at a time when Thursday — the band, not the weekday — had sold a mere 300,000 copies of its second album on a tiny Chicago-based indie label. So imagine the band members' surprise when the Times — a paper not exactly...

"Mary Stuart"

Libby Fry September 18, 2003
Gordon's Elizabeth is a proud, defiant woman who has spent much of her life defending her presence on England's throne. She is unnaturally strong-willed for a woman of her era, and such determination intimidates the men in her court into doing her...

Hidden jewelcase

Lydia Cox September 18, 2003
1960s, the Colonel experimented with sounds similar to
Zappa. Since then, he has delved into other projects, most recently The Codetalkers.
Their self-titled debut album, released in 2002, features a diverse palette of musical ingenuity, tinged with a...

Second season of ’24’ saves day again

Paul Day September 18, 2003
Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), still recovering from his wife's death, is summoned by his colleagues for his expertise in an escalating situation involving a terrorist threat of nuclear proportions. Meanwhile, President David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert)...

MUSG Weekend Movies

Tim Horneman September 11, 2003
Last year, movies were shown on Friday nights only. This year, movies are shown at 8 p.m. on Fridays and 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Saturdays. All showings are at the Varsity Theatre and cost $2 with a valid Marquette Card and $3 without.


Tim Cigelske September 11, 2003
The slam-bang surprise ending helps, but the story until that point limps along with stabs at cheap sentimentality and bad jokes that barely make it worthwhile.
Based on the novel by Eric Garcia, the plot centers on Roy (Cage), a...

Spade film leans on easy jokes, fails to reach maturity

Kevin Crowe September 11, 2003
"Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star" details the life of a child who experienced a few years of success in his youth as his messy hair, crooked smile and quirky interjections endeared him to television audiences across the country. Poor ratings and a lack...

‘Richard’ crippled by era, saved by lead performance

Libby Fry September 11, 2003
The show opened at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater last weekend to launch the theater's 50th Anniversary season. Set just after the end of England's War of the Roses, in which the House of York defeated the House of Lancaster for the rule of England, the...

Football series gets stopped at goal line

Libby Fry September 11, 2003
Following in the cleats of "Any Given Sunday," ESPN takes its first shot at a dramatic series with "Playmakers" (8 p.m., Tuesdays, ESPN). While a cut above previous ESPN attempts at original programming, "Playmakers" is still a few pieces away from being...
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