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Simon’s show shines

Libby Fry October 14, 2003
The play tells the story of Willie Clark (Jim Baker), a crotchety old man who lives in a cheap hotel suite in New York City. Although he was once a star in the lights of vaudeville — and he still converses in snappy one-liners — his star has...

Restored classic hits mark

Paul Day October 14, 2003
Back in Sherwood Forest, Robin assembles his army, featuring sidekicks Will Scarlet, Little John and Friar Tuck, the latter two making the most memorable first impressions. Robin and his men proceed to rob from the rich and give to the poor, with Robin...

Allmans showcased in live performances

Todd Lazarski October 9, 2003
Over the past 30 years, nowhere have the Brothers been more welcomed or loved than in New York City. While the band and the city have undergone radical changes over time, an Allman Brothers extended string of shows has become a welcome constant for the...

WMUR makes waves

Dave Rossetti October 9, 2003
Rather than comply with fees set by the librarian of Congress under the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act last year, which requires Webcasters to pay liscensing fees to record companies, WMUR put a halt to playing copyrighted music. Local acts and...

Countertop cravings

Heather Leszczewicz October 9, 2003
Wisconsin's custard lovers may be converted once tasting Cold Stone Creamery's ice cream.
Founded by Donald and Susan Sutherland in Tempe, Ariz., in 1988, Cold Stone franchises have spread to almost all 50 states, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Now...

‘War’ bores with unfathomable plot

Heather Leszczewicz October 9, 2003
Unlike the stereotypical "Brady Bunch" family, the characters in "The War That Never Was" battle as if they were hpart of World Wrestling Entertainment.
War is inevitable in the 12 colonies of Luna, D.E., Waldregen's fictional country. Two pairs of...

Nazis produce hilarity

Libby Fry October 9, 2003
Brooks fans may be familiar with the show, which is based on his 1968 film of the same name that won him an Academy Award. However, as good as the movie is, there's something to be said for watching all the crazy antics unfold live on stage.

Fake folk singers find laughter, respect at home

Libby Fry October 9, 2003
The fourth of Guest's mockumentaries and this time co-written with Eugene Levy, "A Mighty Wind" looks at a benefit show for folk music after in honor of Irving Steinbloom, the late promoter of folk. The show brings together a trio of long-forgotten...

Costello’s brand of pop goes flat

Libby Fry October 9, 2003
And with his latest release, North, Costello turns back to the classical pop standards he last did with Burt Bacharach on 1998's Painted from Memory. This time, though, Costello produced, arranged, composed and performed all the songs himself. And while...

Hidden Jewel Case

Libby Fry October 9, 2003
Not even names stay static for Elvis Costello.
The former Declan McManus decided to adopt the even more bombastic Napoleon Dynamite moniker on 1986's Blood and Chocolate.
Costello runs the gamut on the disc with power pop ("I Hope You're Happy Now") and...

Tarantino, Coens to release new films Friday

Kyle Carritt October 9, 2003
This coincidence seems oddly appropriate in some respects, given the various similarities between the Coens and Tarantino. The directors often draw material from Golden-era film genres, write their own scripts, routinely use the same actors and all three...

Contemplating ‘cat vomit’

John Heiderscheidt October 9, 2003
Watanabe has worked for several scientific publications including "Scientist," "Biotechnology," "Nature Medicine" and "Lab Animal." She is currently working on a number of other projects such as a report on bio-terrorism, a book proposal and articles on...
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