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Ian McKellen does “Baby Got Back” (sort of)

Peter Setter

September 6, 2012

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Fans of Gandalf, Magneto and Sir Leigh Teabing, take note. Unknown actor Hunter Davis does an amazingly precise impression of Sir Ian McKellen. Naturally, with this sort of talent, why not use it to make it appear as though Sir Ian...

Art isn’t hard to find at Marquette

Claire Nowak

September 5, 2012

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I came to Marquette not knowing what kind of people I’d meet or who would share similar interests with me. My decision to become a Golden Eagle was made extremely close to the May 1 deadline, and by that point, I was more interested...

Choose instruments over computers at festivals

Eva Sotomayor

September 5, 2012

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One of the biggest things currently on my bucket list is to go to a huge music festival. Growing up in San Juan, Puerto Rico didn’t give me many opportunities to check it off. Since then, however, I’ve constantly stalked everyone...

Scarves on Steroids

Katie Harris

March 25, 2012

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The scarf: one of the most timeless and versatile of all wardrobe accessories. Throughout the century, we have seen scarves worn by both men and women for the sake of fashion and to weather the harsher seasons. This piece has...

Five ways to spruce up your interview attire

Katelyn Baker

March 1, 2012

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First impressions are important. It may not be the only contributing factor to your new internship or job position, but it certainly doesn't hurt to look your absolute best when you walk into an interview. With graduation right...