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A Note From The Director:

Marquette Student Media Advertising is a student run advertising and marketing agency. We operate with a staff of approximately fifteen talented individuals, who specialize in sales, marketing, strategic planning, design, and promotions.  Here at Student Media, we pride ourselves on delivering unique and quality services to clients through the form of print and digital advertising. We have established ourselves within the Marquette community, and we know how to target the student body because we are students ourselves.

We are continuously working to improve our services while making a transformation to the digital media age.  At Marquette Student Media advertising, our number one priority is to keep you connected.

For more information on services, rates and dates please visit our website at  You can also contact me at (414) 288-1739 or Kimberly Zawada, Business Manager, at (414) 288-7057.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.


Kate Larkin
Executive Director, 2016-2017