Perks of College

I woke up today in a bit of a slump. A typical Monday morning. Three hours of class accompanied by four hours of work without even including my homework. But then I got an e-mail. My first class of the day was cancelled!

This one minor change in my day made me realize something: college rocks!

Never in high school did a teacher spontaneously cancel class. This realization has caused me to compile a list of all of the reasons why college is better than high school.

  1. Less busy work.
  2. People are less self-conscious about speaking up in class.
  3. We are old enough to appreciate learning (most of  the time).
  4. We are surrounded by other students who want to be there, who want to learn.
  5. No uniforms (for some of you).
  6. Better athletics.
  7. Free t-shirts!
  8. The professors can curse.
  9. You can sleep in.
  10. You can write in your textbooks.
  11. Shorter semesters with longer breaks
  12. No homework over the breaks
  13. New classes more often keeps things interesting
  14. Eventually, you get to take classes in your major.
  15. You’re not in classes for seven hours straight.
  16. Meeting people from all over the place, not just in your hometown.
  17. Freedom to do whatever you want

So, there’s only seventeen reasons. Can anyone else think of any more?