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Keeping in Touch with the Past

    I’m going home this weekend to see my two best friends for the first time since August 15. What was it like for you to see your hometown friends for the first time since college?

    Was it awkward?


    Like nothing had changed?

    Like everything had changed?

    These are the thoughts that have been racing through my head this past week. I read a quote somewhere (ok, it was from Pinterest) that said something to the tune of “You know someone is your best friend when you spend time away from each other but when you come back, it’s like nothing’s changed.” The only problem with that quote is that everything’s changed. We live thirteen hours away. We have different friends, different schedules and different lives.

    The three of us knew we would keep in touch with Skype and texting, but wanted something more. Before we all headed off to start the new chapter in our lives, we went jewelry shopping and finally settled on a pearl necklace.

    This is the necklace my friends and I chose.

    The rules were very simple and “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” inspired. Each person gets the necklace for approximately three weeks. Wear the necklace when you need it. When your time is up, send the necklace to the next person with a handwritten letter explaining what has happened in your life. This weekend will be my first time getting the necklace (my friends are a tadbit behind on the schedule).

    I’m sure my friends will tell me I’m different. That I’ve changed. Because I have. And I’m sure my friends have too. But I just want to know if the dynamic of our friendship has changed.

    Thoughts? What was your first get-together with hometown friends like? What have your friends said is the most different about you? How do you keep in touch with the past while writing the next chapter of your life?

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