Six On-Campus Options for Vegetarians

Choosing to be a vegetarian is no easy feat, especially when one lives on a college campus. It can be hard trying to maintain a healthy diet when it seems like unhealthy, meat-filled snacks are all over. On top of that, salads can get really boring really fast. So, what options do vegetarians have? Provided here are six different on-campus locations for vegetarians to eat a variety of different foods without having to go far or spend a lot of dough.


1. Salads at the AMU- Yes, salads are pretty mundane for a vegetarian, but they are always a classic. Plus, they are perfect for avoiding the dreaded Freshman 15. The AMU makes delicious salads with a generous serving size, so one is guaranteed to be full. There is the classic Caesar salad, a buffalo chicken salad (substitute the chicken for a vegetable), or build your own with a variety of fresh veggies.

2. Qdoba Burritos or Quesadillas- Craving some Mexican delicacies? Head on over to Qdoba, located on the corner of 16th and Wells. Sure, it’s not the healthiest, but everyone needs a cheat day–or two. Cheese quesadillas topped off with sour cream and/or guacamole are to die for. Add a side of chips and queso and you’ll leave satisfied. Want something with a little more substance? Get a burrito with your choice of cheese, lettuce, beans, salsa and sour cream. Qudoba is the perfect place to get some delicious Mexican food, fast.

3. Stir Fry at Straz- The stir fry made at Straz is pretty darn good for campus food. Build your plate up with the vegetables and sauces that you love. There are water chestnuts, sprouts, broccoli, mushrooms, rice and even more to choose from. Mixing the teriyaki and peanut sauce is a great way to add flavor. True, Straz is a good distance to walk and laziness has a habit of taking over, but eat on Wednesday for dinner and reward yourself with some hot cookies. The walk will be worth the meal you eat, trust me.

4. Sobelman’s Black Bean Burger- The Black Bean Burger has a patty made of black beans as opposed to meat. So even vegetarians have a dining option at one of Milwaukee’s best burger joints. Also, Sobelman’s does make sweet potato fries, so be sure to try those next time you stop in for a bite to eat. (And just so you know, Sobelman’s takes Marquette Cash.)

5. #6 at Jimmy John’s- Finding a meatless sandwich does not get much easier than the #6 at Jimmy John’s because it is literally called the Vegetarian. Need I say more?

6. Pasta at Schroeder- One can never go wrong with Italian–and that is exactly what Schroeder is known for. Some of my favorites include any variation of lasagna, farfelle pasta with mushrooms and baked ziti. If a dish sounds good, but includes meat, just ask for no meat. Add a small salad and a delicious slice of cake and you’ve got one heck of a meal. Do take note that pasta from the Exhibition line at Schroeder changes weekly.