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7 ways to wear dresses in winter

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I really don’t like winter. The season brings about an abundance of challenges in a girl’s world, particularly in the fashion sector of life. From hat static and permanently matted rats nests via my hood, the collection of stained salty shoes, to the below 72 degree temperatures requiring me to hide my masterpiece of an outfit under a sleeping-bag-type jacket — the list could go on until H. E. double hockey sticks freezes over.

Winter also has an ice age effect on dresses, wiping those beautiful summer styles out for months at a time. However, if there is a will there is a way. I’ve gathered seven styling tips to help all the dolls on campus get back in their dress-zone this winter.


Look #1. Cardigan, shmardigan, I love a cozy accent piece. These sweaters were made to add umph to you outfit (and keep you warm!) Find an extra long one to cover your waist, hips, and bottom— and with extra long sleeves so you can tuck your hands away when you mittens are MIA. Not to mention, the endless selection of cardigan color options will give your summer dress a new face.

Look #2. Winter is a time for sweaters. Ugly sweaters, Christmas sweaters, knitting sweaters, and now, we have sweater tights to add to the category. Let your legs live a little more and spice them up with some fun patterns. You won’t be needing sweater tights in the summer so hop on the winter trend while its cold.

Look #3. Block Tights. That’s right. Get the bold and fierce look by stacking solid colors on top of one another. Pick three outrageous colors or stay classic and play with neutral colors.  Either way, having the option to wear tights adds to the amazing blocking effect, and it is totally appropriate for winter.

Look #4.  Okay- it may feel a little strange at first and your toes might feel more squished than normal, but if your feet are warm, that means you will be too. Layer your legs, layer your toes, layer until you are a human windbreaker in the cold. The tip: wear your nylons, then wear your ultra-toasty long socks, and jump into a pair of over-the-knee boots. Top it with a fun dress, a scarf, and jacket. Now head to class with class.

Look #5.  It might sound silly but with the right dress and a pair of fitted dark skinny jeans, this look can be stunning when worn with confidence. You may even discover you like some of your dresses more as tops (or you are just realizing how short or skanky is not as sexy-looking as you thought six months ago). Lengthen your legs with heeled boots to offset the longer top and you are set.

Look #6. Winter gives me the ultimate reason to get furry. No, I’m not referring to the “hairy legs syndrome” epidemic each winter, I’m celebrating the boots with the fur, the faux fur vest, the Eskimo hats and fur scarfs. Layer your pastel dress with a accent of fur, and you’ll easily conquer any cold day that comes your way. Goodbye to burr. Hello to fur.

Look #7. I discovered this trick recently, as I’ve become a bit more daring with my style and purchased my first long black maxi skirt. StylePhile’s believe it or not- this is the warmest winter dress look of them all.  Essentially, it’s like wrapping a blanket around your legs and being able to walk around in it- while looking more than classy! You could call it the Snuggie’s best looking competitor. The win-win ensemble for the chilliest days works best with your warmest leggings underneath for even more heat.  Your legs won’t have the slightest chance to catch that drifty, cold air.


How do you wear your dresses in winter? Upload a picture on our Marquette Journal facebook page or send us a twitpic and show us how you strut through the frosty weather.


To find all the items in the looks above click on the link below, and discover where to purchase them. While you’re there, create some style collections of your own!

Click here:

   7 Ways to Wears Dresses in Winter.

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  1. Emily on November 14th, 2012 4:35 pm

    Thanks! Very helpful and fun! I can’t wait to try these out.


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