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Bears. BEATS. Battlestar Galactica. – April 11, 2013

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We’re starting today’s show with a new song by Lissie called Shameless. This song is a bit more rock & roll than her previous songs. Lissie tends to be a bit more folksy and tends to actually sound a little more like Pure Prairie League on her last album. Speaking of, we’re going to go with their song Amie. How about a nerdy connection for our next song? We’re going to go with a song called Clara by Punch Brothers because Amy and Clara were the last two companions on Doctor Who. Punch Brothers were added to my musical collection last Thursday and they weren’t the only good music added this past week. Paramore has a new self titled album that was recently released and it really re-defines their musical abilities. Hate to See Your Heart Break is one of the most different songs on the album. Speaking of heart break, Will Hoge tells us to keep on dreaming, Even If It Breaks Your Heart. I don’t really stop dreaming, much like Frou Frou, so it’s occasionally hard to tell what’s real or not, as the song Must Be Dreaming suggests.

Frou Frou singer Imogen Heap got a boost for her US career when her song Hide and Seek was used in an episode of The OC where one of the main characters kills someone to protect another main character. Since we’re on the topic of killing, we’re going to play the song My Boy Builds Coffins by Florence + the Machine. I never knew there were so many songs about coffins! We’re going to go with a song now called Coffin Factory by the Mumlers. The next logical step after coffins seems to be the Graveyard, so we’re going to play a song of that name by Feist. On Feist’s Wikipedia page, it lists the band Placebo under associated acts, so we’re ding a song by Placebo called Running Up that Hill. That song was featured on Bones, just like What’s in the Middle by The Bird and the Bee.

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