Here’s to wellness, where you would least expect it

I always think that setting my alarm for 8 a.m. is all I need to do to get up and get myself to the gym. Not quite. Standing up and walking over to the alarm clock turns out to be the extent of my morning workout. But I can’t be the only one right? I know students that don’t even have time to sleep, let alone workout. It was only until this year though that I began to fully embrace my lack of time spent at the gym. And to anyone else who is having trouble finding the motivation, I would recommend the same: embrace it rather than fight it. For those looking for a new approach to their everyday wellness, try these out!


A Home-Cooked Meal


You never realize what you have until its gone. Right, freshman? But for those in their second year and up, you know by now, the beginning of school means back to the dorm meals and putting ranch dressing on pizza. Unfortunately, dorm-dwellers don’t have the advantage of a kitchen, but for those in apartments or houses, a home-cooked meal is not only a fun way to take a break from school work, but a chance to keep stay healthy. Cooking chicken breast is always a good way to start an easy and healthy meal, throw it into a taco or have it on its own. It always works well accompanied with a vegetable or pasta. And don’t be afraid to try something new. You never know until you try it. Home-cooked meals aren’t the easiest to find time for during midterms week, but the mental break is well worth it. Just don’t overcook your pasta.


Pen a Friend


Not only do most of your hometown friends have Facebook walls, they likely have mailing addresses too. And the excitement of new mail is probably more stimulating for them than a notification. It’s a little old-fashioned but writing a friendly letter will never go out of style. It’s a fun way to stay in touch with friends and family. In an age where technology has created a world where we can know what our friends are doing virtually at all times, it’s hard to imagine there is anything more to say in a letter. But trust me, there always is. Also, have fun starting an archive of letters to and from each other; it’s always a fun collection to look back at years later.


So You Think you know where you live?…


Now here’s a weird one. Get the history on the place where you live. For students living in off-campus housing, your walls could be dense with history. When was your house or apartment complex built? Who lived there before? Who owned it before? Anyone famous? You never know! Most online free resources provide you with very little information but a quick call or email to the Milwaukee Historical Society can provide you with exciting facts you never knew before. It’s the most fun you’ve ever had with a research project. We’re students after all. We’re supposed to be into that kind of stuff.


Subscribe to your favorite magazine or newspaper


So if you are willing to embrace the old-fashioned letter writing practice, you should be more than willing to get your news and entertainment the old-fashioned way: in print. That’s right, people do still get newspapers and magazines delivered to their mailbox. Now I know what you are thinking, why pay? Although, with many media outlets switching from print to online, subscription prices are always falling. You will also find that it makes things a lot more exciting when your favorite magazine is waiting for you in your mailbox. Be sure to always ask about a student discount when ordering subscriptions. Many newspapers and magazines offer cheaper subscription rates for college students.


Now don’t avoid the gym entirely if you’re going to try out some of these less active alternatives. It’s hard to argue the benefits of a good workout. However, if you are looking for a healthy break from the classroom, try any of the above options. Just don’t expect to get six pack abs.