Halloween costumes I’m sick of

Halloween is a holiday that encourages people to wear clothes they might never wear, without fearing of judgment. Every year, college students stress about what costumes will make them stand out and attract the opposite sex. Halloween has changed into an excuse for young adults to compete for the sexiest or craziest costumes. Costumes are starting to look the same and the lack of creativity is getting old. People recycle costumes, ideas and sometimes, people don’t even bother to wear clothes at all.

1. Male firefighters: It’s an excuse to for guys to parade around shirtless with a pair of suspenders on and use lame pickup lines.

2. Cat, mouse or other animals: Girls prance around in frilly lingerie, add ears, a tail, or claws and call it a costume. Most of them end up looking the same and it becomes a matter of who looks best, not whose costume is the most unique.

3. Witches: This is one of the oldest and most commonly seen costumes lacking the most creativity. It’s the costume of last resort. People say witches are “traditional” Halloween costumes, when in reality it’s a pointy hat with a plain, black dress, fishnet stockings or ratty, old tights.

4. Ghosts: Even more common than the witch costume and it’s even simpler to make­. People who don’t feel like dressing up will take an old, white bed sheet, cut out two eyeholes and throw it on over street clothes. People who are really opposed to dressing up usually just write ‘ghost’ on a white t-shirt.

5. Nerds, geeks, and dorks: Not only is this type of costume overdone, but it can sometimes come across as offensive. This costume is becoming increasingly more common. People wear oversized glasses, tuck in their shirts to plaid pants or shorts, and wear a pair of brightly colored suspenders, high socks, and a pair of bulky sneakers. While this costume is quite comical, it pokes some fun at the people who are considered “nerdy,” especially because they don’t actually dress that way.

When did Halloween turn into a competition of who can wear the least amount of clothing? When did wearing a normal costume become lame? Halloween was originally a day in which people dressed up in costumes to ward of ghosts. As time went on, the holiday became both secular and modernized. Halloween became more of a community event with children in costumes trick-or-treating. Today, the holiday has become a fashion show worth partying for instead of than a celebratory event for children.