Group supports women and gender researchers


Photo by Isabel Bonebrake

IWL women and money speaker series presentation.

The Institue for Women’s Leadership works to complete its vision of intersectional inclusivity and gender equity through pioneering research, innovative programming and collaborative engagement, and its mission to advance women’s leadership.

Director of the Institute for Women’s Leadership and professor of law Andrea Schneider said that IWL was created to better support women and gender researchers.

“We’re really trying to support research and researchers whether it’s students, staff, or faculty. We’re trying to create a network and to build connections so that everybody knows one another and feels part of this community of researchers that are working together to advance women’s leadership. We’re really working in the community and building those connections,” Schneider said.

Sarah Camp, the coordinator for IWL, said that one of her jobs is to help coordinate with community partners and administer research.

“Not only are we just trying to advance women’s leadership, we’re trying to do it and strategically by not only using what we already know but also continuing to push research to be more intersectional, to support researchers to find those connections,” Camp said.

IWL is working with community partners, such as the Sojourner Family Peace Center and the Milwaukee County Circuit Court.

Through this partnership, they are working to “improve services of survivors during the pandemic, enhance court processes, and to guide best practices in advising workplaces on how to respond to Intimate Partner Violence.”

Camp said IWL is encouraging people to expand research to find how things affect women because for a long time research was predominantly focused on white males as the subject. She said it did not consider women or people of color.

A three-part webinar series, Women & Money, created by IWL focuses on financial freedom, investments, and financial intelligence. Schneider said that women are underrepresented as investors and receiving money.

Camp said, “Often women have been shielded from historically, whether it’s the right to vote, having power over your own money, or being able to grow your own assets and create generational wealth as a woman.”

Many forget that not even 40 years ago, women couldn’t have their own credit card or a bank account without the signature of their male next of kin, Camp said.

This was part of our partnering with the community. There are lots of professional organizations in town that support women. We, as an educational institution can really provide expertise and try to bring very smart people together as part of that educational mission. What is new and different and how do we support that?” Schneider said.

Madi Daleiden, a senior in the College of Business Administration at Marquette, works as an intern for the IWL’s Women & Money series. As an intern, Daleiden said that she sat in planning meetings, complied with third-party sources for the topics and created a summary of information sheets about the sessions.

Daleiden said, “I’ve especially enjoyed learning about the community members we’ve brought in as panelists for the Women & Money sessions. It’s fascinating to hear about their work as they face these issues every day. IWL creates an incredible environment for mindshare and dialogue to learn from experts in their fields.”

Daleiden said that IWL is important for the Marquette community because it reflects Marquette’s mission and Jesuit ideals of justice.

“IWL is important for the Marquette community since it operates as a central, interdisciplinary forum to engage, inspire, and transform key gender and social justice issues facing women. It creates a space for dialogue, problem-solving, and awareness while amplifying community members who are at the forefront of innovation and action,” Daleiden said.

By working with a program out of the Office of Research and Innovation, IWL is trying to improve work culture so that women are better supported and men are allies, Camp said.

Camp said, “We have a pretty diverse group and we’re always welcoming people, but we also are making sure that it is a brave safe space for women to continue to grow and non-binary people to continue to be able to take steps in advance.”

Professional organizations in the Milwaukee community has united with IWL to empower women.

“I want them to have the confidence and the tools to think differently and to feel that they are better equipped to make the world the place they want it to be. Go pursue your dreams and we can help you, connect you in the community with tools,” Schneider said.

This story was written by Hannah Hernandez. She can be reached at