HOGAN: Sticking with it and changing for the better

My second semester of college had just started, and I knew I needed to get involved in something. After my first semester, where I had thoughts of transferring, changing majors and feeling left out, I knew I needed to find something to keep me busy and make some money.

I had broadcasted a few basketball games for Marquette Radio, so I was briefly introduced to the Wire. One guy that I was on the broadcast with seemed impressed and told me to apply for a sports reporter opening. I had never done journalism nor knew what it really meant to be a reporter, but I thought to myself this could be the thing I was searching for.

I applied and got the job a few weeks later. It felt like my first win since coming to Marquette. The first few weeks were rough. I didn’t really know anyone on the sports desk, I didn’t have a beat to cover like everyone else and every story I pitched seemed to get pushed to the side.

I got through the semester and knew things needed to change for year two. I quickly pivoted to the TV side of things and that’s when my experience at the Wire really started. I was hired as an assistant sports producer and helped produce Golden Eagle Sports Report – our weekly sportscast.

As a sophomore, I didn’t realize how this show was going to impact me and my future.

Fast forward to spring 2020 when everything changed. We on the sports desk were starting to think about positions for the next year and I thought about leaving the Wire and pursuing something different for my senior year.

Instead of leaving, I decided to stay, buy into the work I had been a part of and help build GESR into the best show it could be. I can safely say I made the right decision.

The last year has taught us all so much. I’ve learned to be more patient, have an open mind, try new things and most importantly lead with passion.

By far the best part about becoming the executive sports producer was that I got to hire three assistant producers. I knew from day one I wanted Tyler Peters and Andrew Amouzou on my team. They each bring so much to the table and they’re incredibly talented and humble. Then a few months into the fall semester, we had money in the budget to hire a third producer. Again, I knew exactly who it was going to be; Kristin Parisi – a firecracker first year and the energy we needed.

Now that our full team was assembled the real work began. We covered important events like the athletes’ march in support of Black Lives Matter, voter registration among athletes and what games would be like with no fans.

We interviewed Marquette basketball legend Bo Ellis, new head coach Shaka Smart and athletic director Bill Scholl. This type of content was never on GESR before and it’s because we made a commitment that even though sports weren’t happening like usual, we were going to put on a great show every week with important stories that matter to the audience.

The team of people I was fortunate enough to work with on a daily basis made this job worth every single late night in Johnston Hall. I have never been around so much talent, drive, passion and leadership in my life, and I covered college sports for the last four years.

To the people at the Wire, especially this year, I say thank you. You gave me the push I needed, and I think we are all better off after this challenging year.

I never thought I would make it to my last few weeks at Marquette still working for the Wire, but boy am I glad I stuck with it.

This organization has changed me for the better, and isn’t that what college is all about?

 This story was written by Shane Hogan. He can be reached at shane.hogan@marquette.edu.