The Reel Marquette

Graphic designed by Grace Pionek.

Graphic designed by Grace Pionek.

Hello Marquette Community,

I’m Zach Bukowski, the executive photo editor for the Marquette Wire. Today, I’d like to introduce you to the Wire’s new weekly newsletter, The Reel Marquette. 

The Reel Marquette was created as a way to highlight the creative work of our staff photographers at the Marquette Wire, as well as taking a closer look at all things happening through the eyes of a Marquette student. Each week will bring a different theme to it.

This week highlights where we come from: Our home towns.



Creativity and art is a passion of mine and of all the photographers at the Wire. We know it’s also a passion for many part of the Marquette community, so we hope that you can find a connection to the photos each week.

All of us at the Wire are excited to get started on this endeavor! Make sure you keep up each week to see what we are capturing and what we have in store.

Zach Bukowski, Executive Photo Editor