HARTE: From start to finish with the Wire


Matthew Harte attends a Wire staff meeting with his sister and then-Marquette Journal editor, Stephanie Harte.

I’m ending my undergraduate career with many takeaways. The one that brings me the most joy is that I spent my first and last days at Marquette working for the Wire.

My first day ended in exciting fashion. I had signed on as a news reporter in the summer leading into my first year, and my editor McKenna Oxenden notified me of breaking news just outside my dorm at O’Donnell Hall. A student was seen pacing along the ledge of a university parking structure, alerting the eyes of many around campus.  

I grabbed a few quotes from onlookers and gathered in the newsroom for several hours, working on the story with a team of veteran and accomplished Wire reporters. I had no idea what I was doing. I think only one of my quotes ended up in the final article. 

Nonetheless, this episode set a tone for the Wire. I loved the fast-paced nature of the newsroom, and the many friendly faces who helped me develop as a reporter.

The speed at which many around the Wire embraced me can probably be tied to my sister, Stephanie. She served as a manager in the Wire when I was a freshman, and encouraged me to apply for a position even though I had no intention of being a journalism major.

Steph’s admired presence in the Wire also led her fellow executives to bestow the nickname of ‘Lil Harte’ upon me. Somehow that stuck around long after she graduated. 

I never became a journalism major, as my main interests swayed me to history and political science. However, that fact highlights another thing I love about the Wire. Anyone with a passion for writing, design, video or radio can find a community that will help them excel and embrace their unique personality. It transcends majors. 

I wore many different hats during my time with the Wire; as a news reporter, social media producer, and opinions columnist. Each role came with unique responsibilities, and I’m happy I could experience so many facets of student media. However, finally serving as projects editor during my senior year has been a truly unique privilege. 

For my team of investigative reporters: I’m so proud of what we accomplished. You uncovered issues of unprescribed drug use among Marquette students, the evolving history of LGBTQ+ relations on campus, the local impact of the upcoming Democratic National Convention, and finally showcased changing university operations during the current pandemic.  

You all approached these topics with a sense of curiosity, bravery and passion emblematic of great journalists. I know you will all continue evolving and improving and I’m excited to see all your work down the road, especially under the new leadership of next year’s editor, Lelah Byron.

This story was written by Matthew Harte. He can be reached at [email protected].