Chocolate Five-O still a favorite among students


Photo by Elena Fiegen

The annual event featured several chocolate fountains.

With temperatures well below freezing this past week, Saturday night was quiet on campus. That was, until the line that ascended the stairs all the way from the second floor of the AMU to the third floor came into view as the Chocolate Five-O event kicked off. Even before the doors opened at exactly 9:02 p.m., people were chatting, anticipating the fantastical chocolate scene.

Once the line started moving, it became clear why what appeared to be half of Marquette’s campus was crowded into the AMU. Large tables and little high-top tables surrounded the most beautiful site to a chocolate lover’s eyes: three lengthy buffet tables filled with chocolate fountains and dipping options. On the outside, there were two milk chocolate fountains and the middle table contained a dark chocolate fountain. Some of the dipping options were graham crackers, rice crispy treats and mini donuts. Pineapple was also an option to go along with this year’s theme of Chocolate Five-O, which is in reference to the TV show
“Hawaii Five-O.” Within a matter of minutes, the rations of each dipping option began to dwindle because of the sheer numbers crowding into the ballroom.

“I have been tasked of doing the clicker of people … on average, we have had around 500-700 people, give or take. … It’s been massive,” Madison Hicks, a junior in the College of Communication and Program Coordinator for Marquette University Student Government said.

It was clear  that there was power within the combination of chocolate and free food. Friends were gathered and crunched together, trying to fit the multitude of options onto small plates in the little space they had. One thing was obvious and that was the exuding amount of friendship and camaraderie filling the room along with many smiles and laughter.

Marin McClowry, a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, found out about the event at Orientation Fest and decided to go after not going last year. She was shocked to see so many lines.

“Chocolate really brings a lot of people together,” McClowry said.

Kristen Coughlan, a freshman in the College of Health Sciences, was there for the first time with a group of friends, too. The idea of free chocolate was appealing, and this was their first Late Night Marquette University Student Government event.

“There’s way more people than I expected … it exceeded my expectations,” Coughlan said.

While others new to the event found a new tradition to carry on, there were some who have attended this rodeo before. They came prepared with Tupperware bowls and cups, all ready to fill with chocolaty goodness. It wasn’t the first time they had attended nor would it be the last, as the event is annual.

Kate Christiansen, a junior in the College of Engineering, has been coming to the event since her freshman year with the same group, and they don’t plan on dropping the annual tradition.

“We have always come together… we love the chocolate… that’s why we’re here… it is a friend event, a good alternative for the winter,” Christiansen said.