Style Sunday: Band tees & head wraps

My childhood friend gave me this T-shirt in 2013. Yes, it is a One Direction tee and I feel no shame wearing it. Band T-shirts, or more actually, T-shirts in general, are in. Retailers such as Forever 21 have a large selection of T-shirts, ranging from fake concert events to nostalgia-inducing designs. For those with more expensive taste in clothes, Gucci tees have been cropping up everywhere. Many popular social media presences, like Ashley Madekewe from @smashleybell and Coco of @coco_pinkprincess, can be seen dressed in Gucci tees on their Instagram profiles.

The styling possibilities for T-shirts are endless. Tees can be dressy or casual, girly or tomboyish — it all depends on the person.

Accessorizing a shirt with a head wrap is not something you see every day, however, some people do, and rock the look. There is no designated occasion where head wraps are worn, but they are often sported with Afro-centric looks. In the 1800s a sumptuary law in Louisiana forced black women to cover their hair with head wraps, scarves and bandanas. Today, head wraps can be worn for various reasons, but most frequently, they are a fashion statement. For this shoot, in particular, my reason for wearing a head wrap is to avoid having to deal with a bad hair day.

I kept my look casual by pairing my band tee with a simple midi skirt and platform sneakers. They are great for the fashionably forward. Midi-length skirts and dresses have been back in fashion for some time now. But, before their resurrection in the fashion scene, they were first popularized in the 1950s. During this time period, midi skirts were either stylistically circle or A-line. A great example of these trends is the movie “Grease.” This skirt style gives a lengthening effect to legs without completely covering them, like a maxi skirt would.