New Music Monday: Dead Horses


Dead Horses dropped by New Music Monday to give our listeners a little taste of Americana with their three songs “Kickapoo Creek,” “Brothers” and “Golden Sky.” The five members of the band come from all over Wisconsin- Sarah’s hometown is Oshkosh; Ryan, the mandolin player, grew up in Milwaukee- with an exception for their drummer, Lemmy, who is from Georgia. A band that used to describe themselves as stringy bluegrass, until the addition of drums, brings a familiar, bright energy under their new genre label of Americana.

Their newest release is Cartoon Moon which was recorded in Nashville, TN. Sarah discussed its themes of heartbreak and spirituality, all the while saying it communicates a somewhat of a hopeful message. The driftless region, an area of the Midwest that resembles Appalachia due to a lack of glacial movement, was a source of inspiration. She talked to Gabby and Cecilia about the importance of geography, citing Steinbeck who relied on the sacredness of the land to ground his stories.

Dead Horses tour with bands and artists often, such as Mandolin Orange and Elephant Revival. Pete said they learn lessons from the bands that they aspire to be like. The band also talked about Dan’s wedding and played a game of “Would You Rather?”

Check out the interview and performance above