MUR Show of the Week: UNI-Tunes


Photo from Lilly Zima

This week we are featuring the show UNI-Tunes. It is a new show hosted by Lilly Zima.

UNI-Tunes is a one DJ music talk show. Lilly plays a wide range of music on the show, including new wave, psychedelic and garage rock music. Depending on the day she also will occasionally play oldies and alternative rock music. UNI-Tunes is a unique show because of the variety of musical taste Lilly brings to the table. Regardless of the music that you listen to, you are likely to find something that you can jam to when tuning into UNI-Tunes. The talking in between songs is also very natural and flows well with the show, making it very easy to listen to.

Lilly is a freshman in the College of Communication. Besides being a DJ at Marquette Radio, she is interested in graphic design, filmmaking and photography. If you are interested in keeping up with her and the show, be sure to give her a follow on Instagram (@iheartcorbinbleu).

You can catch UNI-Tunes Tuesdays at 9 a.m. LIVE on Marquette Radio.