Marquette Madness high points to look forward to

It’s almost a rite of passage for a Marquette students to go to Marquette Madness during first semester. Being a member of the student section as the basketball players are introduced seems to confirm that yes, you are part of the Marquette family.

Eager students can take pictures with the Golden Eagles, get free T-shirts to build up hype, and partake in a dunk competition and drawings. Not only that, but Marquette Madness serves as an introduction to each year’s new crop of basketball players and the hope that maybe we will have a storybook season.

Ben Dombrowski, a junior in the College of Communication, said he thinks that everybody should attend their first year.

“You’re in college for four years, you know, give or take, and you’ve only got four chances to go. So why not just go?” Dombroswki said.

Dombroswki has gone twice so far, and he’s enjoyed himself both times. He’s planning on participating again this year, as well as attending most of the Homecoming events.

“I’m there to get excited about the season,” Dombroswki said. “I want to be there with friends, and I want to get excited about the season and what our team has to offer.”

Dombrowski argues that the best part of Madness is when the team is announced, sparking a sense of pride in the crowd.

Arianna Eliopoulos, a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences had a different opinion of what the most important part is.

“I think it would be (getting) the T-shirt,” Eliopoulos said. “(It’s) a way to prove that you’ve taken part in this classic evening.”

While Eliopoulos said she thinks that the new homecoming events are going to be cool, Marquette Madness is still the focus of the weekend. For her, it’s the main event.

“It’s a good way to start off the basketball season, especially for the middle of the semester when things are getting stressful,” Eliopoulos said.

Brent Teske, a Marquette alumnus, attended the first Marquette Madness in 1999 with his roommate. When the event was started under Tom Crean, he said he had to go. It was originally on the student pass along with soccer and volleyball.

“They had it at the old gym across from Helfaer, so limited seats before the new Al center (was built),” Teske said.

While current students get treated to an all-star player introduction and an event made to start off the season, Teske remembers it a little differently.

“They had recruits on hand but not the type of players we get now,” Teske said.

Marquette Madness has changed a lot since Teske first attended. It started at 10 p.m. and was just drills and a dunk contest at the old gym. With all of the modern updates, Teske said he would be interested in returning one day.

For students, faculty, families and alumni, Marquette Madness is an experience like no other.

“(Marquette Madness) is part of the Marquette experience,” Dombrowski said.